Zipline adventure – tours from Split

Tourism is a broad and rich economic branch that can provide many specific types and subspecies of tourism to visitors of a particular tourist destination, depending on which area but also exactly which tourist destination is visited. The Republic of Croatia is a country that is rich in cultural and historical heritage but also in natural attractions. The country offers many types of tourism to its visitors, from cultural, nautical, hunting, to adventure tourism that has been developing more and more in the country over the years.

Adventure tourism, is a specific form of tourism that is ideal for young people, but also for those who want to experience a special adventure and adrenaline with a certain degree of risk in which physical exertion may be involved. Tourists who crave this type of tourism are the type of visitors who enjoy doing certain adrenaline-pumping sports, and these can include hiking, bungee jumping, biking, rafting, diving, zipline and more.

Our offer includes many excursions, some of which include trips such as land trips to the Plitvice Lakes and Krka National Parks, or boat trips to Blue Cave and Blue Lagoon. We also offer sailing packages and adventure trips such as Zipline adventure, Panoramic flights, skydiving, quad adventures, canyoning and diving.

Zipline is a type of adventure that features an adrenaline rush on a stainless steel wireline, which is mounted on a slope, and offers beautiful panoramic views. The Zipline cable is designed to allow a person to fasten freely with moving straps and to travel by gravity from top to bottom of the slope, allowing rapid movement and adrenaline.

One of our best-selling tours from Split is the trip to Omiš on a zipline adventure in which visitors are introduced from a different perspective to the beautiful Cetina River Canyon. The whole adventure takes an average of three hours, with the total length of the downhill zipline being 2,100 meters, of which 8 wires are made, the longest being 700 meters. The zipline is 150 meters high, and the speed that can be reached when descending is 65 km / h. The whole excursion consists not only of going down the zipline, but also of taking a short walk through nature and training before climbing the wire. Until the start of the zipline and back, transportation is provided, and prior to the start at the polygon, each individual gets their own equipment needed to get down the zipline. Throughout the tour, you are guided by an expert guide who walks you through the theory before going down, and later gives you instructions for the downhill. For the excursion it is recommended to wear adequate “stronger” shoes and bring water, cameras, cell phones, cameras, etc. The minimum age for this adventure activity is 7 years, while the maximum weight of visitors is 140kg. The offer of the Omis zipline offers three daily departures, 8-9, 12-13, 16-17 and these groups contain a maximum of twelve people.

The Zipline program includes the following:

  • Transfer from Split to Omis
  •  Gathering 15 minutes before departure time at the Omis office – signing statements
  • Transportation by car along the Cetina towards Podaspilje, the starting point of the tour, located at the fortress Visećgrad
  • Equipment division including gloves, helmets and belt
  • Walking to the training ground
  • 15 minutes of training and introductions to zipline
  • Walk the marked path to the start of the first cable
  • Lowering the group so that one guide goes first on each cable, then one participant at a time, and then another guide
  •  When 8 cables are crossed, walk back to the parking lot
  • Boarding the vehicle and transporting it back to the office in Omis
  • Transportation back to Split

If you are the type of person who is looking for adventure and adrenaline, we definitely recommend this tour because the zipline itself is located in the beautiful landscape of Cetina Canyon, which you will be able to experience from a very special, bird’s eye view. If you decide on this type of adventure, the zipline itself offers you wires that are less inclined and are located just above the river, allowing you to stop halfway and observe the landscape. Zipline Omiš is the first zipline in Croatia, and one of the best in Europe, and the zipline itself has been elaborated to the smallest detail, which means that it is extremely safe.

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