If you are a person who wants new excitement, or if you’ve ever wanted to try hanging above the canyon, your desire can be fulfilled on the first true zip line in Croatia, located in the great canyon of Cetina. It is about dropping down a string of different lengths and slopes. Zipline Croatia Omiš consists of eight such wires, the longest has 700 meters and all eight wires are the total of 2.100 meters long. The first wire is located near the former Visecgrad fortress, and that is the place where you will have a brief training with the carriage provided by the zip line organizer agency.

Zip line tour takes about 3 hours, in groups of up to 12 people.

With you, there is always one of the guides, and the wires themselves are designed so they can withstand a few tons without any risk of breaking down.

We recommend that, if you decide to do this unique experience, bring practical and light clothes, some kind of sports shoes, water, camera, mobile phones, and lots of good energy.


It is our pleasure to be able to offer you the spectacular rafting experience on the Cetina river, in small-town Omiš. The three to four – hour long rafting trip takes you down to 12 kilometers long part of the Cetina course. The rafting route passes through an unforgettable scenery of impressive cliffs, playful waterfalls, and numerous rapids.