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Do you want to visit two the most beautiful national parks in Croatia in just two hours?

In this panoramic flight you will see national park Krka, its beautiful waterfalls and a small island Visovac.  Then we will be flying over Velebit, largest mountain range in Croatia. Highlight of our journey, national park Plitvice is what we have saved for the end.

National park Krka

First of two national parks known for its waterfalls and lakes, national park Krka was formed in 1985.  It was planned to protect the Krka River to and to serve for scientific and cultural purposes. In case of national park Krka, it is a good idea you have chosen to join us on our tour because national park limits number of people that can be there at the same time, so queues are a real possibility. We will fly over Krka River and its seven travertine barriers and a unique ecosystem. Park is known for being rich in fauna and flora. Around 800 different plants and some even endemic species grown in national park Krka. Also, over 200 birds can be found here it is ornithologically one of the most valuable regions of Europe.

When you read about national park Krka, most attractive sight is always mentioned: Skradinski buk. Famous for its high waterfalls and cascades it is considered to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls in whole Europe. Small island of Visovac with Roman Catholic Monastery and Serbian Eastern Orthodox Monastery is located right in the middle of the national park. Tourists take boat rides to visit the island.

In national park Krka, people usually visit Roški Slap, take a hike in one of many hiking trails or take a swim. Swimming is allowed! Amazing wildlife and fantastic views will make you visit again.

We will be flying over Velebit. This mountain range is home to beautiful and unpolluted nature. The landscape is different, there are wide and open valleys and close and dark wooden mountains. Exceptional landscapes offer many hiking trails.


The most visited national park in Croatia, Plitvice are famous for its exceptional breathtaking beauty. Plitvice Lakes National Park is the oldest and largest national park in Croatia, famous for its numerous lakes separated by travertine barriers. Plitvice are internationally famous thanks to its chain of 16 lakes joined by magnificent waterfalls. Plitvice were added to the UNESCO World Heritage register several decades ago. National park is visited by approximately 1 million people a year.  It is open all year round.

As we fly over Plitvice you will see all the lakes, Upper lakes and Lower lakes. You will see people engage in different activities like lake tour programs, hiking, skiing cycling and skiing and sleighing in the winter.

The lakes and waterfalls are stunning, the water crystal clear and the air fresh. National Park Plitvice is indeed amazing place, beautiful waterfalls and lovely lakes. You really get to enjoy nature. This place is worth visiting and you will skip all queues if you decide to go on our tour. The beauty of nature is at its peak and your eyes won’t believe what they are seeing. A definite piece of paradise, a must see and that photos cannot capture the true beauty of the place. It is one of the places not to be missed for visit.

Finally after two hours of flying around two most beautiful national parks in Croatia, we will start our way back to the airport.

WE guarantee you will me more than satisfied with what you have just seen. Thank you for flying with us!


OUR PRICE IS 245 € / PER PERSON          


Panoramic flight starts with the flying over Krka falls and the beautiful monastery placed at the small island Visovac, and continues by flying over the slopes of Velebit, from where we can enjoy the view at the beautiful Lika landscape. There, we arrive to the flight climax, the flight above the Plitvice lake, the unique pearl of nature, and one of the ten most beautiful nature parks in the world.

Duration: 2 hours • Price: 245€/person • Minimum 3 persons

245 € / per person

Minimum 3 persons