Why Visit Croatia?

Here to list a couple of reasons why you should choose Croatia for your holiday. Whether it’s cruising, relaxing on an island or tours, here’s why we’re so popular.

  1. All those pleasant seasons; Croatia is famous for summer. But don’t let the crowds discourage you! It’s quite pleasant all year round. So if swimming and basking in the sun is not your forte, there’s always the beautiful auburn autumn months and blooming springtime for you to explore this beautiful country.
  2. Easy access – Croatia is quite a small country. So it’s pretty easy to get from one place to another, whether you want to visit the beautiful Blue Cave or ancient Dubrovnik, it’s all a couple of hours away.
  3. Speaking of ancient, staying in Split a couple of days before your cruise is definitely worth it. There are apartments among the ruins of the retirement home (home, palace, lets not split hairs) of good old Diocletian, as well as restaurants, churches, cafes, and shops.
  4. For those summer months, you have a lot to see! You can still find some hidden bays in spite of the crowds, check out our Private Boat tours!
  5. May and June and September and October and all the things you can do! These seasons are a lot less pricey and crowdy. You can combine snorkeling and diving with hiking, mountain biking, rafting, and sea-kayaking. It’s the right time to be active without the burning sun.
  6. Rich sea – you can expect to see a lot of harmless fish and some dolphins on your vacation, and if it’s your aestetic you can go diving for shipwrecks.