What to Pack for your Cruise

We cannot stress enough how much you need to take care of your skin. While the sunny days in Croatia are not as potent as some places in the world, why would you want to ruin your tan with an awful sunburn? As much as you love those sunny summer days, we highly advise not to be exposed for too long when the sun is at its brightest. Purchase or bring some hair and skin care products so you could come back from your vacations glowing, not burning.

On your Croatian cruise, you will obviously spend a lot of time on around water. To make it easier on yourself and your belongings, bring a waterproof bag with you. It’ll come in handy so many times that you will not know how you’ve gone without it for so long.

The power outlets in Croatia are a bit different depending on where you’re coming from. It’s best to always be prepared for the different power outputs so you won’t miss out on taking any pictures on your Croatian holiday.

Even if you’re visiting in the summer months, the evenings on a cruise could sometimes get a bit chilly. The perfect solution for that is a lightweight waterproof jacket, a windbreaker. The temperature may be high, but boy can those winds make it cool.

It’s always smart to bring quality footwear wherever you go. Something light and airy with good support will make exploring much easier as you visit many beautiful places on your cruise. Rubber sole shoes will help you keep your feet in place in case of slippery floors. As the old towns are mostly set in stone, they are very slippery if wet.

Motion sickness medication – self-explanatory. You might need it before, after of during your vacation. Be at your best to explore!