Visiting Zlatni rat on Bol, Brač– the most beautiful beach in Croatia

Croatia, as one of the most attractive destinations for holidays in Europe, offers many opportunities for every individual who chooses to spend their holidays along the Croatian coast. The most beautiful part of Croatia for sure is its indented coast, which covers just over 1200 islands. Croatia is an ideal country for island tours or sailing trips because boat trips can help you discover the hidden parts of the coast and beautiful bays in them.

One of the most beautiful islands in Croatia is certainly the island of Brac, which hides a handful of beautiful settlements, bays and unique sandy beaches. On the south side of the island is the oldest and most attractive town of Brac – Bol. You can reach Bol by our Split to Dubrovnik or Split to Zadar boat tours or by standard Split to Brač tours. Bol is a tourist oasis, however, its biggest attraction is certainly the Zlatni Rat beach, which is named the most beautiful and most visited beach in Croatia.

Zlatni rat is an unavoidable part of Bol and it is a symbol of Bol and Croatian tourism, but also a natural phenomenon that is about a thousand meters long. This pebbly golden beach moves literally as the wind blows, making the cape move from side to side, which makes it even more special. The Zlatni rat beach is featured on all covers of world travel brochures and has even been selected by the world’s most beautiful beach magazines. It is definitely a good reason to choose Croatia as your holiday destination, especially if it is a sailing trip to the Croatian islands.

Check out our cruises which include Bol, we guarantee that you will have an unforgettable experience!