Visit Mostar and Kravice Waterfalls with our one day tour!

Croatia has a lot to offer to every visitor who decides to choose this beautiful country as their tourist destination for their vacation. It has a wide and colorful range when it comes to the tourist offer of the country, from the beautiful coastal areas to the indented coast, sunny islands with beautiful bays, cultural and historical heritage, the continental part containing beautiful national parks and cities. In this country you will always have something extra to see, something extra to experience, and each time you return you will only collect beautiful and unforgettable memories of this beautiful country.

However, the Republic of Croatia is located in an area surrounded by more beautiful countries, and one of them is Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has undergone significant tourism development in the last few years. Bosnia and Herzegovina is at the top of the list of countries in terms of increase in tourist numbers, and according to the World Tourism Organization, it is estimated that it will have the third highest rate of tourism growth in the world. Bosnia and Herzegovina has a specific culture and tradition to be experienced, as well as cities to visit. BiH also has a large number of cultural, historical and natural heritage listed on the UNESCO list, and one of them is the old bridge and the old core of the city in Mostar.

Mostar is located in the central part of Herzegovina, more precisely in the southern part of the country. Mostar is known as the ” city on the Neretva River ” because the Neretva Canyon stretches through the town itself. Mostar represents the economic and cultural seat of Herzegovina, the administrative seat of Herzegovina-Neretva County, but also the largest city in Herzegovina. This city is presented as one of the most beautiful cities in BiH due to its cultural and historical heritage, which is on the UNESCO list, but also other benefits and cultural monuments and sights.

Mostar is a beautiful city that for many years attracts a large number of visitors from all over the world because of its rich history, cultural and historical heritage, but also its specific traditions. Mostar went through a difficult period during the 1990s in the Homeland War, largely because of its geostrategic position, but since then the city has been rebuilt and and returned to its full glory as a tourist town. The Old Town is divided on two sides by the Old Bridge, and includes beautiful mosques from the 16th century, Kujuju shops, towers, houses and Turkish baths. The specificity and appeal of this city is that it combines four religions with its culture – Islam, Catholicism, Orthodoxy and Judaism.

Some of the most famous sights in Mostar are:

• Old Town – the historic quarter of the City with the Old Bridge and a variety of other amenities from the city’s rich history

 • Karadozbeg mosque

 • Franciscan Church, with the highest bell tower in Bosnia and Herzegovina

• Biscevic Falcon, with the famous Turkish House

• Historic settlement Brankovac, with houses and avenues of old Mostar families, built in Ottoman style

 • The old village of Blagaj with the Buna spring, the famous treasurer of Tekija, and the old town of Herzegovina founder Duke Stjepan Kosaca

 • Nature Park “Ruiste” on the mountain Prenj, known for its endemic species of ammunition, as well as the endemic species of the Bosnian lily

• Diva Grabovica Nature Reserve, almost untouched nature

 • Mostar Blato, a nature park in the west of the City of Mostar

 • The house of Aleksa Santic, the great of Bosnian poetry

 • Museum of Herzegovina

• Partisan Cemetery in Mostar

Mostar represents the jewel of Herzegovina, not only because of its cultural and historical landmarks, but also because of the beautiful nature that surrounds the city. One of Herzegovina’s greatest natural beauties is just under an hour from Mostar – Kravice waterfalls.

Kravica is a waterfall named as the most beautiful natural attraction in Herzegovina, located in Studenci near Ljubuski. Kravica Waterfall has a height of 28 meters and a width of 120 meters. This natural attraction is an oasis of nature that should not be bypassed  if you are passing through Herzegovina, because visiting this waterfall is a real experience.

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