Travel from Split to Dubrovnik on M/S Kleopatra

Today we will be talking about Croatia cruises from Split to Dubrovnik on our stunning M/S Kleopatra. This Croatian island cruise begins in our ancient town of Split, the boarding starts at 13:00 h (1 PM), our passengers will have a welcome reception after which there will be dinner in the evening. If your flight or bus comes to Split earlier then 13h you can always leave your bags on board or at our agency located in the boarding port. Starting our journey from Split to Dubrovnik we will first visit the small town of Bol, just a 10 min walk from this small town you will get to swim on one of Croatia’s most beautiful beaches, Zlatni rat (Golden horn). Here you can choose from many different activities such as windsurfing, pedal boats, jet-ski and volleyball. Of you can just lay back and relax, taking in the sight of Croatia’s most famous beach.

Continuing on to our next and most infamous stop, Hvar island. Most popular for its parties and restaurants, Hvar also has a lot of history, for example the first public theatre in Europe (even older then Shakespeare’s theatre in the UK), Hvar fortress Fortica which looks over the town since the ancient Illyrians settled and one of the largest old squares in Dalmatia! We don’t want to spoil too much, so you’ll experience the rest on our delightful Croatian island cruise.

After visiting the most popular and honestly somewhat crowded destinations in Croatia, our boat trip from Split to Dubrovnik will take you to one of the small secluded bays around one of our lesser-known islands Korčula. After enjoying a swim in the clear waters, we will continue to Korčula town. Also known as ‘’Little Dubrovnik’’ for its medieval squares, churches, palaces and houses. On an exciting note, you may get a chance to see the traditional Croatian sword dance Moreška.

The Pearl of the Adriatic, also known as Dubrovnik, is our next stop. But don’t worry we won’t leave you to your own means in this beautiful town, we’ve organized a guided tour of the old town, including a panoramic bus ride. Some of the places we will visit include Franciscan Monastery, the Rector’s Palace and the Cathedral. After you’ve seen what you needed to see here, you will have the afternoon off to roam around by yourself. Maybe even visit the famous cave café?

After some man-made wonders of Dubrovnik, get ready for our next stop, Mljet our greenest island. The whole west side of Mljet is a national park, famous for its deep salty lakes.

By now you’re probably thinking ‘’Well what else is there to see?’’, how about an old pirate town? The final part of our round trip boat from Split to Dubrovnik is in the small town of Omiš where Cetina river meets the Adriatic sea. Surrounded by massive stone rocks, it’s one of those places that makes you wonder at the power of nature. In the old pirate days, the highest points were used to locate the richest merchant ship worthy of a pirate attack.

Who knew that the relatively small area of Southern Croatia there could be so much history and so many wonders? Our round cruise from Split to Dubrovnik will help you explore as much of Southern Croatia as possible, while still having leisurely time for yourself. We hope you try this unique cruise for yourself!