Things to do in Split


Pary like there’s no tomorrow! Split is a great place to be if you’re a party goer, true it has the most to offer for younger audiences but don’t be discouraged! There’s a ton of places to go to such as jazz bars, pubs, restaurants with live music and all sorts of places you can discover around the city. So whether is clubbing or a leisurely night out, you’re in the right place!


Trip back in time; just because it’s modern doesn’t mean its not ancient. Split is over 2000 years old! It all started out with the Dioklecian Palace. Which is still the center of the whole city. Many of the old streets are free to roam around, there is a portion of the palace which you need to pay to get into but its definitely worth it! To get to know the history more, take some walking tours around town.


Park Šuma Marjan, legend says it was once a volcano, but this was never confirmed. The park is one of the best places to catch the sunset in Split. It also has walking and biking trails, stunning beaches some very old churches.


Take a tour, whether its adventure you’re looking for or sightseeing, Daluma travel has it all!