The Blue Grotto

The Blue Cave, also known as the Blue Grotto is a stunning natural phenomenon located just five kilometers south of Vis island, on the island Biševo. The Blue cave is one of the ten caves on this small island.

This spectacular Cave is described as one of the most beautiful scenes on the Adriatic, and it has become popular due to the bright light that appears at a certain time of the day. It remains hidden for centuries, known only by fisherman, as there was no entrance from the open sea or for boats to enter. But that changed when the locals decided to open up the cavern in 1884.  The white limestone of the cave floor is crucial for the glow since the wave action of the Adriatic smoothes the stone. But it is sunlight that creates the magic.

This natural treasure proclaimed in 1951 as a protected geomorphological monument of nature, is best to visit around noon.

You` re not allowed to swim into the Blue Cave so the easiest and best way to visit it from the comfort of your Croatia Cruises and Tours ship.