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Discover the World of the Roman Empire and the secrets of Diocletian’s Palace.


Unlock the world of Roman Empire…

Diocletian palace tour is the best rated walking tour in town by TripAdvisor reviewers. Tour will take you through 1700 years old Diocletian’s palace and show you number of hidden alleys, smallest street in the whole world, world’s oldest cathedral (still in use), Street where murder of the last Roman emperor took place and much more.

We will start with the Golden Gate or Northern Gate that was planned to be main entrance into the palace. Through this door Emperor Diocletian walked into the Palace on June 1st, 305. Only the Emperor and members of his family could use this gate. The Church of Saint Martin was constructed above the Gate in the 6th century. Golden Gate name was given in the 16th century.

The Field of Gregory of Nin is home to statue of Gregory of Nin. It is a favorite stop of all the tours, as well as other visitors to Split, but also the inhabitants of Split, especially if they are seeking good luck. In that case, they will touch Gregory’s big toe, the luck will follow and wishes will come true. Gregory of Nin was a bishop and an avid proponent of using Croatian language in church services. He was the Bishop of Nin from 900 to 928. The monumental bronze statue of Gregory of Nin was made by Ivan Meštrović. This is the most famous monument in Split. It used to be placed in the Peristyle in 1929 and in 1954 it was moved to its current location. The legend says that if you touch his big toe and make a wish, the wish will be fulfilled. Since so many people touch the big toe, it is the only spot on the monument that is polished and shiny.

The green market or Pazar is next stop point on our tour. It used to be located at the Fruit Square, but it needed more space it was relocated to its current location, next to the eastern wall of Diocletian’s Palace and around Saint Dominic’s Church. Pazar is one of the central meeting-places and the hub of street life in Split. This is the place where one can fully feel the scents and spirits of Dalmatia and the Mediterranean. It is unavoidable stop on all tourist tours.

Or next stop is Split’s landmark. The Cathedral of Saint Domnius is located in the mausoleum of Emperor Diocletian. The Christians turned the mausoleum into the cathedral dedicating it to Virgin Mary. Since the early medieval times, the cathedral is named after Saint Dominus, a martyr from Salona and the patron saint of Split.

And finally we will take a walk around Peristyle, the heart and the most vibrant part of the entire Palace. The main square of the Palace is located on the intersection of the two ancient streets: Decumanus  and Cardo. Also, we will visit Diocletian’s Cellars. They are excellently preserved and as such are one of the most attractive parts of Diocletian’s Palace.

Our recommendation is that you join us on this rather short tour, just to learn all about important sights of Split.

Departure point: Golden/North Gate (near the Statue of Gregory of Nin) – center of the city.
Duration: 75 min

Tour starting hours:

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* Italian, German, Spanish & French*
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15 € / per person

PRICE INCLUDES: Transportation, entry tickets, professional guide, insurance

15 € / per person

PRICE INCLUDES: Transportation, entry tickets, professional guide, insurance

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