Split Panoramic Cruise

If you’re not staying in Split very long and don`t have time for much sightseeing, the best thing to do is to explore the city from the seaside. This is one of the last-minute options when it comes to boat trips. Our experience offers a completely different, amazing perspective of the city and its surroundings.

What we offer?

On our three-hour Split Panoramic Cruise you will see most important landmarks of Split. We will start from Split harbor.

On your way to harbor you must have passed Riva (seafront promenade). Riva has been the heart of the city throughout centuries. The mirror of events, city’s current spirits and a place of first romantic walks, conversations, shy glances… Rendezvous point of citizens of Split and tourists. A postcard that travels around the world. The original Riva was constructed by Emperor Diocletian of course, at the turn of the 3’d and 4th century. The next major construction works on Riva happened during Venetian rule from 1450 to 1600. In the era of the French marshal Marmont, Riva was expanded towards south and west. But Riva the people of Split are so proud of came into existence the beginning of this century and the debates on how it should have been done and should it have been done have been raging ever since.  Nevertheless, the recognizable image of Split with the Riva travels around the globe.

As we embark, first sight you will notice is Diocletian’s palace. You probably already know everything about the most famous sight in Split, but in case you missed something you will have chance to see it from the boat. If you decide going in the evening, lightning is fantastic.

As we approach green oasis of Marjan, you will notice Villa Dalmacija or Tito’s villa as some call it. This beautiful villa lies on a waterfront just some minutes from Split. This amazing building oozes of a Croatian heritage as it belonged to Josip Broz Tito, president of Yugoslavia. Today villa Dalmacija serves as a venue for many summer weddings or parties.

Apart from Diocletian’s Palace Poljud is the best known part of Split. This is the district where Hajduk (football club) lives. With Diocletian’s Palace and Riva, the best-known image of Split is the one with the Beauty of Poljud. Apart from the football stadium, swimming pools were constructed here too, to allow the talented swimming and water polo youth of Split to prepare in appropriate conditions.

We will see many beaches and coves from the boat and finally return to Split’s harbor.

What if you like our tour?

In case you decide to stay a bit longer, then we can also visit the nearest island of Čiovo or town of Trogir, where you can stop for sightseeing or a cup of coffee.

Town of Trogir is under the protection of the UNESCO. Most known sights include the cathedral of St. Lawrence with the famous Portal of Radovan and Fortress Kamerlengo. This small coastal town next to Split with historic sites and beautiful port is smaller version of city of Split. As Split has its own promenade, in Trogir the main lounging area is next to the small harbor where boats are moored. Lined by restaurants and bars, it’s a great place to relax and watch the world go by. Although it can get busy, there are so many places to eat hidden away down an alley somewhere in the middle of the old town; there is always a table to be had! We can continue our trip to island of Čiovo. Island of Čiovo is connected with the city Trogir by drawbridge. It offers a lot of possibilities for vacation, recreation and swimming. Definitely a must see thanks to its beautiful landscape and beaches!


Since duration of our trip is only three hours, trip is popular mostly among younger population who want to see coastline before they decide to go out in Split. Still, keep in mind that time of this trip can be arranged at any time of day. Even night rides are possible!


Departure point: Split
Departures: daily at 11:00, 12:45, 14:30, 16:30, 19:30 (Sunset)
Duration: 90 minutes


20 € / per person

We organize short trips upon Your request. Our top seller is definitely a one-hour ride through Split bay where you can see the Diocletians palace, Tito`s Villa (former President of the Republic of Yugoslavia), Marjan forest and its numerous beach hideouts, the Poljud stadium, etc.

In case You decide to stay a bit longer, then we can also visit the nearest island of Ciovo, or the city of Trogir, where You can stop for sightseeing or a cup of coffee.

We can arrange this trip at any time of day, and even night rides are possible


Departure point: Split
Departures: daily at 11:00, 12:45, 14:30, 16:30, 19:30 (Sunset)
Duration: 90 minutes

20 € / per person