Sailing trip Croatia – 5 tips for the best sailing experience!

The Republic of Croatia has been proclaimed one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the Mediterranean and one of the most ideal destinations for sailing experience. The Croatian coast is one of the most visited and important tourist destinations of the Mediterranean, with its rich cultural, historical and natural heritage protected by UNESCO, the indented coast with more than a thousand islands, as well as the beautiful Adriatic Sea, which is proclaimed the second cleanest sea in Europe. Croatia is also an ideal summer destination because of its mild Mediterranean climate, which brings warm and pleasant summers and tourist moderately cold winters to the area, which contributes to the development of tourism in the summer months. Although Croatia offers a myriad of tourist opportunities and specific tourist forms such as cultural, ecological, rural, religious, hunting and other, one form is extremely highlighted – nautical tourism.

Nautical tourism is a specific form of tourism that includes cruise tourists by sea or river and their landing in marinas and ports. This type of tourism is an extremely lucrative form for any receptive country, as it encompasses the entire nautical infrastructure that is designed just to meet the needs of guests. The Croatian coast is ideal for nautical tourism because of its favorable climate with moderate winds and sea waves, rich tourist offer and small coastline which has a large number of naturally protected bays.

If you plan to spend your holidays sailing on the Adriatic Sea, be sure to check out our 5 recommendations for an ideal and unforgettable vacation and sailing!

1. Where is the best time to sail if you are only in Croatia for a week?

Croatia is an ideal summer destination, but not everyone has the opportunity to spend a month or more sailing and exploring the entire coastline of this beautiful country. Most visitors spend an average of a week traveling, which is enough for an unforgettable experience, however, it is not enough to see all the beauties that are in the Adriatic Sea. Our recommendation is Split to Dubrovnik cruise or Dubrovnik to Split cruise, because sailing along this route you can see a large number of the most famous and attractive destinations and coves that include a smaller distance.

Our cruise offer includes many different combinations of sailing from Split to Dubrovnik and vice versa, and some include a visit to Brac, Hvar, Mljet National Park, Makarska and other destinations. You can see one of the offers at the following link:

2. Where is the best to sail if I have 2 weeks?

 If you are one of those visitors who are ready to spend 2 weeks salinig thorugh the Adriatic Sea, we recommend a route from Split to Montenegro and back, in which you will see Trogir, Makarska Riviera, Korcula, Elaphiti islands, Kotor Bay, Dubrovnik, Slano, Mljet, Lastovo, Vis, Bisevo, Hvar and Brac. You can see this route and detailed information at the following link:

3. What is the best time for sailing in Croatia?

The tourist season in Croatia lasts about half a year, the preseason covers March, April and May, the main season is June, July and August, while the postseason covers September and October. However, the yacht and boat rental season is different, it starts in May and runs through October. The most ideal months for sailing are from the beginning of July to the end of August in the peak season, due to the suitable weather and winds, as well as the possibility of swimming. However, September is also a good month for sailing because there are fewer tourists and crowds, and prices are noticeably reduced as opposed to the main season prices.

4. Why is Split the perfect place to start your cruise?

Split is the largest city in Dalmatia and the second largest in Croatia, and is the most ideal place to start a charter. It has a large number of marinas and ports, and a large number of islands in a small distance from the city, just a few minutes cruise. Split is the perfect destination to start your journey, because it is the cultural, economic and tourist center of Dalmatia, but also one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Croatia. Split is a beautiful city with a rich history that has left the city one of the most preserved Roman monuments, which is today under the UNESCO protection – The Diocletian’s Palace. In addition to its cultural and historical heritage, Split is also home to beautiful natural attractions that will delight any visitor.

5. Why visit Dubrovnik while sailing?

Dubrovnik is the most visited tourist town in the Republic of Croatia, and is an unavoidable destination, whether you sail from Istria or Central Dalmatia, you should not miss this Croatian pearl. Dubrovnik, like Split, is a city with an extremely rich history, and the old part of the city is included in the UNESCO list of protected cultural and historical heritage. The town itself is surrounded by beautiful natural beauties that encompass small hills and forests and a large number of attractive beaches that extend on both sides of the city. Dubrovnik is also a city that is perfectly located when it comes to sailing, because in the vicinity of the city, a few minutes cruise, there are a large number of islands with beautiful bays that are ideal for anchoring.

The Croatian Islands are the best place for a cruise trip, if you are planning a sailing trip in Croatia, check out our cruises on the following link: