The Mercedes is a brand that is synonymous with style and elegance and thanks to the emergence of rental markets.
One can lease one should they ever be in the mood to experience the thrill of operating such a top grade machine.
What one model, in particular, stands out in the Mercedes collection is the Mercedes V Class. Any individual who opts to hire the Mercedes Class V will not regret their decision as the vehicle does not disappoint when it comes to capability.

Why rent a Mercedes V Class?

Mercedes V class 250d Extralong

Price: 500€/day

One might wonder why they should bother to scour the market for a Mercedes Class V rental, but all they need to do is take a look at the car’s specifications to erase any doubt that they might have. This particular model may not be for your everyday speed fanatic who is into sports cars and the like, but it still has a lot to offer. The van comes equipped with some features that make it the perfect family car for one to lease.

It should be noted that an individual is also able to rent a Mercedes Class V at a lower price as compared to the other faster models that are available in the market. It comes with a spacious interior which makes it ideal for big families as well as comfortable seating that ensures that one does not have to suffer through the long dreary drives that they may have to make.

The Mercedes Class V is a model that one should take into consideration should they be looking for a vehicle with which they could go on a family road trip.

Mercedes GLS 350 AMG 4 Matic

Price: 600€/day

Big like an SUV and versatile like a sports car as never reached before in the Mercedes Benz luxury segment of SUVs. Traveling with the Mercedes Benz GLS is so luxurious that you desire to share it with your family and friends the moment after you got your first ride. No problem, this car offers up to seven seats with the highest level of comfort. The Mercedes Benz GLSalways offers an all-time active all-wheel drive system with most powerful tractive forces, despite the weather and dire situations.

The Mercedes GLS speeds up from 0-100 km/h in 4.2 Seconds and is able to reach a top speed of 280km/h, while still being secure and comfortable to drive. The Mercedes Benz GLS features a touchpad which is enabling intuitive operation with hand gestures. The user can even teach letters, special characters and numbers in their own natural handwriting to the system. Also, the Mercedes Benz GLS offers all the needed interior such as navigation-system, integrated telephone, high class audio and video as well as the possibility to connect with the internet at any time.

Rent a SMART

Price: 150€/day

You may have seen DaimlerChrysler’s latest Smart Car zipping around town in the US or Canada. It probably made you grin – after all this fun little vehicle looks more like a golf cart than an automobile. The Smart may be struggling to catch on in North America, but rising fuel costs and Italy’s crowded streets have helped the Smart emerge as a popular commuting car and rental choice in Europe. We think that once you drive one you’ll understand why.

Designed and built by the company that brought us Mercedes-Benz, the Smart Fortwo is a fun, inexpensive and practical rental option for couples touring Croatia famous cities and islands.