Private Cruise – It can’t get any better!

Dalmatia is a perfect destination for nautical tourism. And if we can choose which type of sailing would be the best, we would emphasize – Private Cruise. Sailing Boat or Motor Yachts – the decision is up to you. Not to mention all that unlimited amounts of sun and sea without borders, all the little places and ports on the islands you are going to visit.

To say nothing of the gastronomy and great wines Dalmatia offers. Private Boat Tours are the best way to rest, forget about time, and leave all worries to the crew – ready to be at your service 24/7.

Find out in the blog what kind of boats you can rent and which cities and islands might visit. Whether it’s family or friends, a private cruise is a dream vacation.

“You know, a ship – it’s not just the keel, the hull, the deck, and the sails. That’s just what the ship needs.
But what a ship really is is freedom.”

Which Private Cruises are the best?

The best ones are the ones, you board! Generally speaking, switching from the mainland to the sea is the best decision on your vacation. No more crowds or cars. There are no working hours, there is nothing “you must do”. No more crowds or cars. There are no working hours, there is nothing ‘you have to do’. Except maybe enjoy and indulge in the beauty, scents, peace, and company you sailed away with. After you booked Your Private Cruise, be prepared for a totally different state of mind. And please, leave your watch at home 🙂 There are as many Private cruises as you can imagine.

Yachts or Sailing Boats – not an easy decision

From that moment you step onboard, you’re swept right off your feet. Equipped with your own professional crew who see to your demands, ensure a trip of extreme luxury, and sees all your needs fulfilled…it is a life-changing experience you will want to repeat over and over again… An exclusive route to unspoiled spots, arranged with your skipper, which never fails to amaze you. The Private Tour Experience with your own peace is invaluable.

Wind, Silence and colors of The Sea – the best you can ask for your vacation!

Nautical tourism has become more popular over the last few years, and the demand for luxury yachts has increased significantly. The beginning of the 20th century was also marked by the popularization of large private yachts used for enjoyment. However, the 1990s marked a real revolution in yacht production.
Large private yachts have increased not only in number but in size as well.

What can visit on a Private Cruise?

First of all, for every cruise, a traveler’s privacy will be put as a top priority. A private cruise will enable you to feel immensely secured as much as you crave for it. With a limited number of guests on no more than 4 cabins that every private cruise offers, you can enjoy your airy space and breath-taking scenery of the Dalmatian Coat at your own pace. 

“You cannot swim for new horizons until you have the courage to lose sight of the sore.”

What you can see will also depend on the choice of a private cruise boat as well as the direction you want to go. Will it be Dubrovnik or to the north – to Zadar?

Maybe you just want to go to the island surroundings of Split and leave the hustle and bustle of the city? There is also the possibility to sail to the islands in just one day, have lunch, sunbathe and swim well. Anything is possible and check the complete offer well.

If you book a Private Cruise Tour you can visit Hvar, PAkleni Islands, and Brač, as well as down to the South – Mljet, Korčula, and Dubrovnik. Some Tours are organized to explore a couple of the islands around Split, like Brač, Vis ( plus Blue Cave), Šolta, and Hvar. No matter where your skipper will take you, be sure all those scenarios are astonishing and moments to remember. Mostly, you have included meals – breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Sometimes you might wish to go to the restaurant on the island to taste Mediterranean Menus, and you should do that!

This is a unique all-inclusive sailing experience for people who search for a pure vacation on a yacht. Come with us and see all the best in Dalmatia!

How much a private cruise cost?

The first thing is the gift of freedom. And that is priceless, isn’t it? You can specify all your preferences to a Yacht Charter’s agent at agency Daluma Travel, and we will help you determine the crew that fits your needs. This is the best option for a way to unwind yourself from the burdens of daily life and treat yourself with a stress-free trip.

Working with major agencies as Atlas Croatia, which have been on the market for decades and offering the best cruise arrangements guarantees safety and confidence in booked Private Cruise Tours. Start searching now!

Every Private Cruise Includes:

  1. Private Boat

    Yacht or Sailing Boat

  2. A Fuel

    Including Marina Taxes

  3. Professional Crew

    Skipper (stewardess optional)

  4. Boat Equipement

    Snorkeling , SUP..

  5. Final Cleaning

    Bed linen, Towels at the sea

  6. Insurance

    For all passengers

The price of the cruise depends on the number of days at sea and the type of boat. A one-day cruise to Brač with lunch and drinks included does not cost more than € 500.
You can book a cruise with up to three meals and drinks – wine or beer. So you will have even fewer worries on the voyage.
The most expensive version of a private cruise is of course Private 7 Days Yacht Charter – around 10 000 €.

If you think that a Private cruise is meant to be only for rich people, please read this article!

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