Plitvice Lakes Special Discounted Tour

Lakes are a miracle of nature! They are really incredibly beautiful and clean as well as the nature surrounding them. The oldest and the most popular Croatian national park is widely known for its lakes. Chain of 16 lakes joined by large green and blue waterfalls is something unique in the world. National park opened in in 1949 and thirty years later, in 1979 Plitvice national park was added to the UNESCO World Heritage register. Last year Plitvice were visited by more than one million visitors.

Plitvice are located in central Croatia, which makes them easily reachable from all parts of Croatia.  From Split only two hours’ drive by highway makes it a pleasant journey. Plitvice have two entrances named Entrance 1 and Entrance 2. Entrance 1 is located on the northern part and entrance 2 on the southern part. Both entrances offer access to seven different routes to tour the lake system and four hiking trails. Maps for these routes/trails can be bought at information centers located at the entrances. These maps will show themselves a must if you want to make the most of your stay here.

If you decide to go hiking, that means that four different hiking trails are on your disposal. However, if you decide to explore lakes you can try seven different routes. As is usual in places like these, there is a set of rules you have to follow. Most important ones are as follows; stay on marked trails. You wouldn’t believe how many people do not respect this one. This rule has been set up to keep everyone safe, because accidents can happen. You can slip or hurt yourself. Other one refers to leaving trash behind. You won’t believe some of the stuff people leave behind. Please do not do that. Take your trash with you or dispose it in designated place so everyone else can enjoy Plitvice as you do. Another rule you should follow regards animals you may meet.  Respect the animals, do not feed, touch or pick up animals. Respect their natural habitat. Also, do not pick flower or any other plants. And for your own good, swimming in the lakes is strictly forbidden.

Prepare yourself. Before you start your trip make sure you are wearing right clothes (shoes!). Definitely check weather forecast early in the morning. Whatever it says, act like that. Bring hat/sunglasses/sunscreen or umbrella/raincoat.

Park is open throughout the year. Activities differ depending on the season and in Plitvice include lake tours, hiking, skiing and cycling.

Activity 1: Lake tours

You can take any of the seven different routes to tour the lake system. These routes easily connect Upper and Lower lake area. Whichever entrance you decide on, it is easy to get on board.

Activity 2: Hiking

Experienced hikers know that preparation is everything. Undoubtedly you will look for Plitvice online and you will probably browse for trail maps. And yes, this is the best way to ensure your hike will go as planned. Another option is to buy map of hiking trails on the spot, i.e. Information Centre located at each of the entrances. When you pick a trail, stay on it. Do not leave trail just to see something outside of marked path. As previously warned, always check weather early in the morning. If strong winds, heavy rain or thunderstorms are possible it is best to not start at all. As previously mentioned, there are good chances you might meet an animal. Recommendation is for you to speak loudly so they can hear you and stay away.

Activity 3: Skiing

During the winter a small ski resort in town called Mukinje is opened. It is a really small ski resort with ski trails long only 400 meters, but popular for its gently slopes which is very well received with, children, beginners and recreational skiers. If you decide to go to this resort, best way is from Entrance 2. Visit this resort and you won’t be sorry. Even if you are not prepared, you can rent ski equipment and skies right on the ski slopes. Pleasant atmosphere and good restaurants wait.

Activity 4: Cycling

Cycling in Plitvice national park is strictly forbidden. It is possible only in some parts of Plitvice, to be exact in town of Rakovica (northern part) and in town of Plitivička jezera (southern part). In both towns trails are very well organized and marked you do not have to worry.

Join us on this trip and words like beautiful, great, gorgeous will be repeated regularly when you leave… Lakes are superb, with the water so clear and a lovely blue.


ONLY 43 € / person

Our price includes round transfer with air conditioned minibus, only two hours driving by highway, discount on entry tickets, free time in National Park and insurance.

43 € / person

PRICE INCLUDES: Round transfer with air conditioned minibus, only 2 hours driving by highway, discount on entry tickets, free time in National Park, insurance

Book the Plitvice Lakes Special Discounted Tour! Enjoy!