Plitvice Lakes Private Tour

There are no other words that can describe Plitvice but exceptional breathtaking natural beauty. Nature lovers usually say that Plitvice National Park is unbeatable, especially regarding its magnificent waterfalls.

Plitivice lakes are most popular Croatian national park known for its chain of 16 lakes joined by large waterfalls. It’s been for decades now that this national park was added to the UNESCO World Heritage register. How popular it is usually says the fact that is visited by approximately 1 million people a year. (That’s why we recommend getting their early because it can get a bit crowded.)

National park Plitvice is located in Lika-Senj county, only partly in Karlovacka county, which is part of central Croatia, but easily reachable from all parts of Croatia. Once you  get here, there are two main entrances; Entrance 1 and Entrance 2.  At each entrance, there is a visitor’s map   available for sale and it is very good idea to get one since you want to see everything Plitvice has to offer.

Plitvice offers seven different routes how you can tour lakes and four hiking trails. (Keep in mind that only 1% of national park is covered in lakes). National park is open all year round. It should be mentioned that park has some rules visitors are required to follow generally like keeping on the marked trails, taking litter with you etc…  However, most emphasis is on prohibition of collecting plants, feeding animals, swimming in the lakes. If you want to be fully prepared and make the most of your visit, you should be wearing appropriate clothes, especially shoes. Depending on the weather, bring rain/sun protection in form of raincoat, umbrella, hat or sunscreen.

Activities in Plitvice lakes can be divided in four categories.

Lake tour programs

Activity to which visitors are mostly drawn to are lake tour programs. No matter which entrance you take, Entrance 1 or Entrance 2 you can take four routes from both entrances. Visitors may also ride on the electric boats (Kozjak Lake) and the visitor trains, by presenting their valid park entrance ticket.


For hiking you have got to prepare in advance. Here are some tips before you set off and once you start. Take a trail map with you from information centers at the entrances mentioned before. If you are not sure about exploring the trail, take National Park ranger with you. For your own sake, stay only the marked routes. Check weather information and it is better not to start if weather forecast is bad (windy, heavy rain or thunderstorms, snow). Keep in mind that you might meet an animal. Although you might be passionate nature lover, please respect their habitat. Do not disturb animals in any way. While hiking, try to speak loudly so they can hear you and keep away. Never hike alone, it is better to take someone with you. You will feel safer and enjoy more.

There are trails and different ways you can hike, please check a trail map and decide your preferred trail.

Skiing and sleighing

Skiing is a part of winter activities since three decades ago. Ski resort is located in town of Mukinje. Mukinje is easily reached from Entrance 2 (2,5 km)and Entrance 1 (5 km). Ski resort is rather small; it has one ski-lift with the capacity of 400 skiers per hour. Ski trails are around 400 m long. If you come unprepared, you can rent skiing and snowboarding equipment. Since there is a gentle slope gradient, ski trails are suitable for beginners, recreational skiers and children.


Generally, cycling is not permitted in Plitvice; cycling activities are possible on the northern and southern parts of park. In southern part, you can find marked network of cycling trails in the town Plitvička Jezera. On the northern side, you can also find an organized and marked network of cycling trails in town Rakovica.

If you decide to visit this national park famous for its numerous turquoise-colored lakes you will definitely say that it was worth every minute you spent here. A piece of paradise, a must see and that photos cannot capture the true beauty of the place. It is one of the places not to be missed for visit.

For this tour price is as follows:

1-4 person = 300 EUR

4-8 person = 350 EUROur price includes private transfer with air conditioned vehicle, hotel pick up and drops off, departure and return times by your own preferences, fuel and insurance.

1-4 person =  300 €

4-8 person = 350 €

PRICE INCLUDES: Private transfer with air conditioned vehicle, hotel pick up and drop off, departure and return times by your own preferences, fuel, insurance.