Different a(l)titude for diffrent experience

We have over 15 years experience in FLYING WITH LOVE & CARE. Highly trained and experienced pilots are at your service. SPLITAIR will fully satisfy your wishes. Take as many photos as you want. Enjoy your flight!

The Cessna airplane

The airplane Cessna F172H will be used for all described flights. It is a reliable, fourseated, single-engine aircraft. Due to its design, this high wing airplane is able to easily land on short and non-cultivated airports. Measured by its longevity and popularity, this aircraft is the most successful aircraft in history.

Fill your day with a pleasant car drive from the agreed place to Sinj airport, located nearby Alkar city with the same name. This drive will take twenty minutes and ends at a beautiful grass airport, which offers additional services besides the flights, like horse and pony riding, tasting the Sinj cuisine delights, and a pastoral coffee shop nearby is made for having coffees and conversations while you are watching planes flying. While sipping coffee and enjoying summer breeze, you can choose one of our attractive offers.

Transport to Sinj airport is FREE. In case that you come In own arrangment you get 10€ discount.

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