Top 5 Adventure Tours in Split

For adventurous tourism, Split is perfect.

In Split Town and the surrounding area, different conditions are available for each adventure. We have Marjan Hill for hiking, walking, kayaking, swimming, diving. We have a river, just 30 minutes from the center – the Cetina river. Down there you can meet all faces of adventure tourism. But which are the top 5 Adventure Tours in Split? Read now!

Adventure Tours on the Cetina river

The Cetina, the longest Dalmatian river, begins its 105 km long journey to the sea at the foot of the Dinara Mountain where it springs from several springs – the spring of the Cetina, at 380 m above sea level, the most abundant of which are three: the largest, Glavas, Vukovica spring and Batica spring. The springs unite in Peručko Lake. From there the Cetina River continues with full force towards Omiš, where it flows into the Adriatic Sea. That’s the spot where you hop in!

cetina river adventure
Cetina River

Omiš is the meeting point and a start for all tourists who want more of their vacation. Adventure tours from Split or Makarska, they’re all starting here. Not only because there are a river and the sea, but there is a very beautiful little town worth one or two hours to see sighting. After that, grab some food and coffee and you are ready to explore the Cetina River’s secrets.

The first and the most popular Tour is

Rafting on Cetina.

rafting cetina adventour tours in split

No matter the company, the fun is always there

The rapids of the Cetina are not too demanding, and nature made up of waterfalls, caves, deep canyons and lush vegetation on the clean and green shores is enchanting. Here the warm Mediterranean climate meets the mountain canyon and the river and together they form a fairytale environment. Experiencing something special is a challenge for every adventurer, and rafting is tailored to all age groups. So bring kids with you, and all instructions you will get before the start.

The second Adventure Tour you should consider and the book is

Canyoning Tour!

A Struggle with nature..:)

Some locals were skeptical, and after this tour, they used to say – it was the unexpected and unseen beauty of the river they are watching every day!

You can choose between Basic or Extreme level. But people all together start walking down the river, then jumping into the river, then long and very fun swimming through the river indulging in rapids all way long. Something really special! The route is long for more than 2500 meters, and all of it is crossed by the foot. The altitude distance from start to finish is 73 meters, and the temperature of the river is between 15°C and 19°C (depends on the season). But after a couple of moments, you forget about the temperature J just looking around yourself that magnificent nature. In case you don’t swim, don’t you worry – all the time you are wearing a life jacket..

The extreme version includes jumping from a bit higher stones into the river and descending by rope down a rock with professional equipment. All with a final jump into the water right next to a large waterfall. Could it be better?

Cetina has one of the most beautiful canyons in Croatia. You just have to give her a chance to delight you!

Your salt adventure – Diving!

If you ask us, it would be a great pity to stay in Dalmatia and not peek under the surface of the sea. All the beauty that Dalmatia reveals to visitors, doubles in the sea! So, it is high time to check what is the best way for you to dive while in Split!

Wondering what’s below?

Probably, the first thing you wonder is „if I should have any prior knowledge?“. Luckily for you – we have a Tour where you can learn all in just one day and dive!

During Discover Scuba Dive, an instructor introduces you to the basic theory of diving.   This program continues with practicing a few dive skills in front of a diving center in a beautiful cove and beach Mavarštica on the island of Čiovo. This gives you the opportunity to breathe underwater for the first time in a safe and familiar environment.

Want a complitely different adventure?

Two More Adventure Tours in Split for the brave! Quad Adventure with Lunch or Panoramic Flight!
If you have ever dreamed of a quad tour, here in Dalmatia you should make your dreams come true! This tour is perfect for all those looking for an adrenaline experience while enjoying, relaxing, and exploring beautiful nature.

The quad tour is an opportunity to get acquainted with the Dalmatian hinterland! One or two persons on the one Quad and just give some gas and start your inland adventure to remember!

Rivers, green fields, fresh air in the middle of summer, lovely hills, and other Dalmatian hinterland’s beauties…you will see it all on this Tour! You will be amazed by the beautiful landscapes.

Together, you will cross amazing hills and Dalmatian mountains with the amazing side by side quads. Untraveled paths in ‘Zagora’ are truly different tourism experience. You can go with kids (at least 10 years old), family, friends or alone – whatever you decide, it will be a great decision! And keep in mind – after this Tour, The Meal is waiting for you! Book it now and enjoy your stay!

Cetina source

The undiscovered Dalmatian hinterland, of magnificent nature and rich cultural heritage, is an uncut diamond that has only just begun to be revealed to the world. There is tradition, there is the smell of old houses. Today, the Dalmatian hinterland, isolated for centuries, attracts more and more visitors with its tourist offer. Its rivers, mountains and caves, as well as the intertwined cycling, hiking and hiking trails, are the ideal place for an active holiday for adventurers. Take advantage of what it has to offer!

(photo: Cetina River Source)

And for the End – A Panoramic Flight!

If you think everything we’ve listed so far is an adventure, then come up with some new name for this trip!

A Panoramic flight is for the cheerful and brave. For those who found rafting and canyoning interesting a few years ago. If it’s you, don’t think twice! The flight over Dalmatian Zagora will provide you with an experience that you will talk about for a long time.

These are just 5 of the best ideas on how to push your own boundaries while in Split. Whatever you choose, indulge yourself!

Only then are we actually alive!