We got lockdown but we still have Cruises

Corona brought us a lockdown, but it can’t take away our ships and cruises!

The fashion virus is dangerous, and it brought us a lockdown, but it has not yet negatively affected cruises. Is there a better quarantine than the wide blue vastness, remote islands, and uninhabited bays?
You are actually isolated on board.
That’s why we conclude and remind you – Corona brought us a lockdown, but it can’t take away our ships and cruises!

Lockdown and Freedom on the Boat

The coronavirus pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives. The world of travel has changed forever at this point in human history. And on the other side, there are the boats. Be satisfied. Lockdown Cruises still sail!

Adriatic Cruise With Karizma

Lockdown cruises – why not?

Your little oases of peace and isolation are the boats. Places where you can take family and friends, and maybe it’s not such a crazy idea to go alone.
Cruises do not define passengers. They define sea routes and your enthusiasm for every nautical mile. This could be the journey of your life! And since half the world is locked in houses, cruise booking will give you wings to fly out of lockdown.

Your health and safety are our priority and proactive steps have been taken in terms of hygiene. But also our service to ensure you a safe stay on board during the lockdown. Guests on cruises have to adhere to physical distancing measures and maintain a 1.5-meter distance between themselves and the crew.

Innovation in the travel world will be faster than ever before to respond to market changes when it comes to passenger expectations and behaviors. Passengers will strive for a higher level of safety and better travel deals. At the same time, their wishes about where and with whom they will travel will be changed.

It may be a long time before we start exploring the world as before, in the past. If an effective treatment against the coronavirus shows better results, we all hope that the season ahead of us will be above expectations.

lockdown and cruises
Lockdown Freedom

Why do we believe in this?

  • the first because we have a burning desire to stop all this, and we can’t wait to get out of the house, the city, the state.
  • And second, because season 2020 truly peppered our plans and banned us from something that makes us so alive. Travels.
That is why travel, based on the current knowledge
we have, must adapt quickly. Nevertheless, the travel sector will continue to
adapt rapidly to meet our travel needs. 

And our travel need are as big as never.

The good news is that our desire to travel has not diminished. The time we spent at home has brought us to crave even more for the outside world. If you ask us – it is lockdown cruises time!

Family cruise lockdown
The boat ‘lockdown’ with loved ones

In this new world with coronavirus, private travel has come into the focus because it is still a simpler, safer, and most often more sustainable option for the majority. And if we are talking about ships, that is where we come to the highest level of safety.

Whether you have booked a sailing yacht, with or without a crew, a yacht, or just a One day transfer from south to north, believe us it will be your best decision this summer.

Passengers will attach increasing importance to health and safety measures. And these conditions are easily fulfilled on private tours, such as Cruises From Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik, Rijeka. You can choose your favorite boat from a long list of our boats.

What can we offer for your lockdown cruises?

In our offer, you will find one-day trips to Dubrovnik, Mljet, Makarska, Blue cave on Vis or just go swimming in the vicinity of Split.

With this in mind, this summer you should indulge yourself and board one of the beauties in this fleet. Its comfortable cabins are furnished according to the latest international standards, and the impressive spread of food, based on delicious Dalmatian dishes, will satisfy even the most refined palate.

Lockdown boat food
Cruise Lunch

These luxurious mini cruisers head out on their maritime adventure from Split or Dubrovnik, and their routes include the most beautiful gems in Dalmatia including the islands of Korčula, Hvar, Brač, NP Kornati and Mljet, but also tours of many attractions from Atlas’ wide range of excursions. These cruises also include Captain’s Dinner, daily breakfast and lunch, and a cruise director available to fulfill all your desires.

We believe that the current attractions will be less crowded which will ensure all our tourist attractions to embrace new, more intelligent measures to attract travellers who have a desire to visit our country.

Have we convinced you that you must step aboard this summer? to feel all that poets write and sailors retell about ?
We are pleased. Book your cruise now!

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