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The coronavirus pandemic has affected almost every aspect of our lives. The world of travel has changed forever at this point in human history.

In order to adequately respond to changes in the market, especially as regards passenger behaviour, innovation in the world of travel is absolutely needed.

Innovation in the travel world will be faster than ever before to respond to market changes when it comes to passenger expectations and behaviours. Passengers will strive for a higher level of safety and better travel deals. At the same time, their wishes about where and with whom they will travel will be changed.

We could say, the new age brings new rules as well.

It may be a long time before we start exploring the world as before, in the past. At least until an effective treatment against the coronavirus is found.

That is why travel, based on the current knowledge we have, must adapt quickly. Nevertheless, the travel sector will continue to adapt rapidly to meet our travel needs.

The good news is that our desire to travel has not diminished.

The time we spent at home has brought us to crave even more for the outside world.

The world of tourism will have to unite in order to respond creatively to the challenges of tourists and offer them not only better and greater choices but also greater flexibility and transparency.

In this new world with coronavirus, private travel has come into the focus because it is still a simpler, safer and most often more sustainable option for the majority.

Travellers are already much more cautious about the coronavirus situation and expect from the travel agencies to help them to prepare for the new normal state.
Passengers will attach increasing importance to health and safety measures. And these conditions are easily fulfilled on the private tours, such as Plitvice Lakes Private Tour or Krka Waterfalls private tour.

We believe that the current attractions will be less crowded which will ensure all our tourist attractions to embrace new, more intelligent measures to attract travellers who have a desire to visit our country.