Neretva day tour- discover the hidden gem of Croatia!

Croatia as a tourist destination has a lot to offer, and Croatian tourism is one of the most important industries in the country. Much is being invested in this branch to improve the already developed areas, but also to develop the underdeveloped ones. Today, the Republic of Croatia represents one of the most visited and most important tourist destinations of the Mediterranean, and tourist numbers are increasing every year and more and more parts of this country are exploiting their tourism potential. Visitors who choose to spend their summer holidays in Croatia mostly choose the most famous destinations, which include Istria and cities such as Rovinj, Porec, Opatija or Pula, but also Dalmatian cities such as Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik and the Croatian islands. Some of the tours that tourists choose are mostly Croatia island cruises, cruises from Dubrovnik, travel from Split to Dubrovnik and Croatia sailing tours. But, one of the hidden gems of Dalmatia is certainly the Neretva valley, which abounds in its natural attractions but also in the specific Neretva culture and agriculture. The Neretva Valley is an ideal place to visit if you are doing a tour from Split to Dubrovnik, but if you are looking for a day trip from Split, we have the perfect thing for you!

We offer an excursion called ” Neretva nature tour ” which includes a visit to Baćina Lakes and a paddle surf tour on the lake itself, a photo safari along the Neretva River, a visit to the estuary of Neretva, and wine tasting at the Rizman Winery in Komarna, with an unforgettable view of Peljesac .

Paddle surfing on Baćina lakes

Bacina Lakes is a group of lakes in Bacina near Ploce, in the Neretva valley. They are located on the right side of the mouth of the Neretva River in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County. The Bacina lakes are smaller in size and irregular in shape, consisting of six connected and one separated lake. Bacina lakes are a wonderful natural attraction where you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with paddle surfing, a sport that is tailored for everyone and includes stand-up paddling. The tour includes course and practical exercise on land, practice on the first lake and starting the tour, photo shooting, paddling around the Island of Love, passing under bridges, fruit picnic, visit to the largest lake, and paddling back.

Neretva photo safari tour with lunch

The Neretva valley has many experiences to provide, and one of them is to ride in a neretva boat through the untouched part of nature. In this tour you will pass through a maze of Neretva canals containing beautiful paddles and reeds. Part of this unique experience will be a visit to the Neretva House Tavern, which can only be accessed by boat. At the Neretva House, you will be able to enjoy Neretva’s specialties, which include fish and meat dishes, as well as organic farmed foods from local growers and farms.

Neretva estuary

The Neretva estuary, or delta, is located on the south Croatian coast of the Adriatic Sea, formed at its mouth by the Neretva River. He is currently in favor of protecting this part of the Neretva as a Nature Park, which proves the very value of the area. The Neretva estuary offers the possibility of swimming and kitesurfing for windy conveniences, and the place itself has a handful of cafes where you can relax. The sunset is one of the most beauiful things you can experience at this place, and the place itself is called “happy place where people walk on water” because of the great length of the shallows.

Rizman winery

The Rizman Winery is located in Komarna, village which is located in southern Dalmatia. The winery comprises 22 hectares of new vineyards and 1,700 olive trees. This is a family-run winery where all producers have reported organic production. The winery itself consists of a rest stop and a tasting room at the top of the hill where you will have the opportunity to taste their wines but also enjoy an unforgettable panoramic view of the Peljesac peninsula.

The Neretva valley is one of the most interesting but also insufficiently explored areas of Croatia, which skillfully conceals its tourist potential, but gradually develops it. There are many initiatives to protect the Neretva valley itself as a nature park, because its beauty and value requires that kind of protection to preserve the nature of the area for future generations. The Neretva valley is specific because of its Neretva culture and tradition, but also the gastronomy that you will enjoy if you choose this excursion.

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