Mostar & Međugorje Private Tour

This magnificent and unique tour takes you to Mostar and Međugorje. While in Split, do yourself a favor and visit pearls of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mostar and Međugorje. Do it the best possible way, at your preferred day and at your preferred time. Let our air conditioned vehicle takes you to Mostar and Međugorje and back.

The Split to Mostar day trip is one of the most popular tours you can take from Split. Find out what to expect!


First thing you will notice about Mostar is that is so different from any other European destinations. Today, Mostar is an important tourist destination in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Upon arrival in the city center, we suggest you take a look at key landmarks.

UNESCO site Stari Most, also known as The Old Bridge is absolutely breathtaking. The Old Bridge, was originally built by the Ottomans in the 16th century, but destroyed in 1993 during war. Ever since it has been rebuilt and nowadays it is popular with tourists and with adrenaline junkies. Many adrenaline junkies dive off the top 24 metre height and plunge to depths of up to 6 metres. Take a look at green Neretva River (the colour comes from the high levels of copper in the region). Bridge provides beautiful views in all directions. We really recommend this wonderful place!

The car-free area of Mostar where the Turkish shops are located is called Old Bazar Kujundziluk. Here you can find many artisans selling their handicrafts. The narrow streets with everything you can imagine. All sellers are very kind, patient and helpful.

For lunch, we suggest you try čevapćići – a traditional Bosnian dish of grilled meat kebabs with bread and raw onions.


In the middle of the day, we will head to Međugorje. Only 20 minutes’ drive from Mostar it is a town located in the Herzegovina region of Bosnia and Herzegovina and site of Catholic pilgrimage due to Our Lady of Međugorje.

It is an important destination for all the Catholics during their visit to Herzegovina. Even more, it is one of the the most famous Catholic pilgrimage destinations in the world. It became so in last few decades through the apparitions of the Virgin Mary that started in 1981. Ever since the first apparitions, many people from all over the world go to Međugorje in hope to achieve inner peace and reconcilation.

First you will see when you reach center of Međugorje is St. James’ Parish Church. Enter the church, you will feel so peaceful and serene in the church.

A statue of Our Blessed Mother stands in the front part of the grounds of St James Church. Many people gather around this statue and pray petitions.

Try to attend mass in outside altar. This is most wonderful experience especially in the warm, balmy evening. Wonderful violin and guitar music is playing and  prayers are in different languages. Hundreds of people attend.

Most of the tourists decide to climb one of two hills in Međugorje. This is why you go to Međugorje for – to climb Apparition Hill. The rock walk up looks difficult, but it is not. It seems like you would be exhausted when you get to the top, but once we got there you feel very serene. You are supposed to be quiet when you are at the top, everyone is respecting this and it is just a wonderful place to be! It’s really a must, one of the most important places to visit in Međugorje. By the way, the view is amazing.

Another hill is called Križevac hill. Climb up is very peaceful and spiritual, but more difficult than climb on Apparition Hill. Bring plenty of water and sunscreen with you.  It’s not easy and you may need a walking stick to get back down but it was worth it.

In the evening we will head back towards Split. We will drop you off at your hotel or other place of your choice.



1-4 person = 230 €

4-8 person = 280 €

OUR PRICE INCLUDES: Private transfer with air conditioned vehicle, hotel pick up and drop off, departure and return times by your own preferences, fuel, insurance

1-4 person = 230 €
4-8 person = 280 €

PRICE INCLUDES: Private transfer with air conditioned vehicle, hotel pick up and drop off, departure and return times by your own preferences, fuel, insurance