Maximizing the Cruise Experience – 5 Tips

  1. Definitely be friendly with the locals; being kind and friendly will get you some tips and tricks to go around town. Make sure to ask short questions that require short answers. The season is really busy so not all of the locals will have time to chat, but you sure can get a tip on the best ice-cream place or find out the overpriced things you should avoid.
  2. Socialize with your fellow cruisers; some of them might have done their research much better then you did, or they might generally know more about touring in Croatia. It’s always good to ask for advice and opinions of others.
  3. Know your cruise! Which towns are you visiting? What can you do there? Will you make it back to the boat on time? Just so you won’t be lost once you get on shore. Manage the short time you have.
  4. Eat local food; your ship is a safety net if you’re not a fan of the local cuisine but if you’re not a picky eater, the Mediterranean diet is something you should experience, locally.
  5. Prepare your pocket money. You never know what you might like to purchase in those beautiful Dalmatian towns.