Libra Gulet

Libra’s unobtrusive luxury keeps you focused on the main reason why your are there – to relax.

Gulet Libra is beautiful gulet with excellent service: most preferred by our clients because of beautiful and spacious mid area where lounge setting is placed. This mid area in addition to sun bathing area at the front and al fresco dining area on the aft makes Libra’s outside deck space completely usable for the clients, there is no part on deck that is not approachable for relaxation and enjoyment, which is one of the main reasons for her outstanding charter accomplishments. Overall outside appearance of gulet Libra is very romantic and elegant, beautifully varnished wood radiates soothing atmosphere not just on board but also around it. Indeed, gulet Libra is one of the yachts that passengers enjoy to gaze upon. It is a yacht with a spirit.


Cuisine is a significant part of any holiday. In order for your chef to customize a menu that suits your taste, we need some preliminary information from you. This is truly a custom made holiday and is designed around your desires and wishes. Please be aware that we can not always guarantee special requests due to limited availability of products on the islands, however your crew will endeavor to fulfill these requests.

Half Board or Full Board

You can decide to take Half Board, Full Board or mixed food arrangement (f.e. 4 days of Full Board, 3 days of Half Board). This information we need at least 2 weeks before your arrival.

On the first day of your cruise, dinner on board is included unless you decide to have dinner out. On the last day of your cruise, breakfast on board is included.

If you decide to take Half Board it doesn’t necessarily have to be Breakfast and Lunch, you can decide to take Breakfast and Dinner, if it better suits your plans and activities. Just be sure to advise chef on time (at latest in the morning) if you are going to have lunch out and dinner on board.