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One of the eight national parks in Croatia is national park Krka. Widely known as one of two national parks in Croatia whose contain lakes joined together by waterfalls.  Krka national park is named after river Krka. It is located thoroughly in Šibenik – Knin county and covers area of 109 square meters. Park is seventh of eight national parks in Croatia and it has this status since 1985. Primarily and because of its vast flora and fauna it was intended for scientific, academic and cultural purposes. It wasn’t before tourist from all over the world discovered beauty of the national park. Yearly, national park Krka has been visited by more than one million people, which makes it second most visited national park right after Plitvice, our oldest and most popular national park. For safety reasons management of this national park has decided to limit number of visitors at the same time to 10000. So if you arrive at busiest hours, you might be asked to wait in a queue for some visitors to leave before you can enter.

National park Krka has a unique ecosystem regarding flora and fauna and seven travertine barriers. When talking about flora, park is widely known for endemic species that grown inside the park among 800 other different species of plants. In Europe, here you can find second highest density of lavender (first one being Bulgaria). While hiking, beware of wasps and bees.

In the river, you can find more than ten endemic species of fish including brown trout and Dalmatian barbelgudgeon. Ornithologically, this is one of the most valuable regions of Europe because of the 200 birds that can be found here.

Here are most visited attractions in Krka national park.

Most attractive part of the park is Skradinski buk.

Skradinski buk is longest waterfall on the Krka River and most sought out attraction in national park. It is composed of travertine barriers, lakes and islands. Throughout the centuries people have found a way how to use power of river andwaterfalls. There are several water mills, rolling mills and washing columns which now serve as souvenir shops or exhibition areas for ethnographic collections. Easiest way to reach Skradinski buk is through Lozovac entrance. This is one of Croatia’s most famous sights and you will probably encounter it in any promotional videos about Croatia. It is mostly famous for its high waterfalls at one end and cascades at the other.

Visovac Island

If you have spare time or enjoy history combined with natural beauty, we suggest visit to Visovac island. A 45 minutes boat ride from Skradinski buk lies Visovac island. Bautiful garden surrounds Roman Catholic Monastery and Serbian Eastern Orthodox Monastery. It is small beautiful island with great history. It is best that you take islands’ guide with you to take you to all important spots and to wander alone. However if you are interested in to find some peace and quiet you can go alone. You will find place pleasant and calming.

Roški Slap

Another popular attraction of the Krka National Park is Roški slap. Roški slap consists of  22.5 meters high waterfall and has numerous cascades and travertine islands. Over the waterfall, you can see road that dates back to Roman times.  Here you will find lots of watermills still working and around them a hiking trail.


Obviously you will have to walk around national park, so wear sneakers and bring some water with you. Commonly, hike will take from 30 minutes to one hour depending on your skill and endurance. Hiking trails are marked and very well organized throughout the park. Each of hiking trail will guide you to magnificent views of the waterfalls.

Once you get tired, remember that there are restaurants and cafes, along with souvenir shops where you can relax.


Yes! Swimming is allowed, everywhere. So bring your swimming costume and towel. Since there are some rocks that lead the way to the water (can be sharp or slippery) we would recommend watershoes.

Although you might be attracted by breathtaking waterfalls and lakes where you can swim, national park Krka offers much more. Amazing wildlife and fantastic views will make you never forget thjis place. A definitely Yes on your To Do list in Croatia. You won’t be sorry!

Our price is 25 € / per person.

Price includes round transfer by highway, discount on entry tickets, four 4 hours free time for swimming inside park and insurance.


25 € / per person

PRICE INCLUDES: round transfer by highway, discount on entry tickets, 4 hours free time for swimming inside park, insurance