Dubrovnik Private Tour

Dubrovnik and its fortified Old Town is among the most visited and photographed destinations in Europe. Are you staying in Split, but want to see Dubrovnik? Well, this is an offer tailor-made for you.

The city of Dubrovnik

Your professional driver will pick you up in the Split area and take you in a luxury, air conditioned minivan at your preferred time. As soon as you know it we will be on our way to Dubrovnik. One of the main points of Croatian tourism, Dubrovnik is located on the most southern part Croatia.

As you probably know, Dubrovnik is on UNESCO World Heritage List. In Dubrovnik, you can feel its history everywhere around you, on the city walls, churches, palaces, in museums and streets.  Dubrovnik has changed many rulers, but it has always preserved its image of capital of culture. In Dubrovnik you can enjoy all these monuments mentioned before, but also in numerous beaches and bays. You can indulge in gastronomic specialties. You can go to theatre performances and concerts, such as the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, popular worldwide. You can make your own itinerary; we will mention only some Dubrovnik hotspots not to miss.

Old town of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik experienced the greatest glory during the Republic of Dubrovnik in the 15th and 16th century. Many churches, palaces and towers were erected. Unfortunately, an earthquake in 17th century destroyed many buildings that were eventually rebuilt. Today, Dubrovnik is a beautiful example of a medieval fortified town. Most photographed Dubrovnik city walls really stand out since they used to protect the city both from the land and the sea. Walls include magnificent gates at the city entrance, the Rector’s palace, the Franciscan monastery, the Dominican Monastery, the Sponza Palace, the Cathedral, Orlando’s Column, Onofrio’s Fountains as well as numerous churches.

More about city walls

Dubrovnik City Walls are one of the best preserved fortification objects in Europe. The building of the first forts started in the 8th century. Today, defense system of walls contains fourteen rectangular towers, two round towers, two casemate forts, four bastions, three gates, two drawbridges and the sea walls Kaše and Porporela.

On the land side, the walls are between four and six meters thick, and on the sea side between 1.5 and 3 meters. At certain locations, the walls reach the height of 25 meters. City walls are the biggest tourist attraction of the City and a walk around them is an amazing experience, just like the photos taken during that walk.


If you decide to go on this tour you will most definitely walk on Stradun. It is the most famous street in Dubrovnik. It is favorite promenade and the meeting point of Dubrovnik residents and tourists. It is 298 meters long, and goes from the Pile Gate in the west to the Ploče Gate in the east. It is covered with stone blocks.

Orlando’s column

You will probably bump into Orlando’s column. It was erected in honor of Roland in 15th century, a knight from the army of Charles the Great. Afterwards, it was used to measure length. Its elbow is 51.2 cm long. Today it is inevitable spot for taking photos. Also Dubrovnik summer festival begins and ends here.

Cable car to mountain Srđ

You can take a cable car to mountain Srđ. A cable car ride to mountain Srđ is one of the most popular tourist attractions and a panoramic adventure. It was formally opened on 10th July, 2010. Ride offers beautiful views of Dubrovnik, its walls and the coast. When you reach top, you can enjoy the view from two panoramic terraces and get some refreshments in the snack bar.

Game of Thrones

Dubrovnik has been a filming location Game of Thrones since Season 2. Sites where filming took place have become a new tourist product. You can explore everything on your own, but there are also walking tours organized.

Return times by your own preference. We will drop you at your hotel. Join us and see Dubrovnik on private tour.


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Private transfer with air conditioned vehicle, hotel pick up and drop off, departure and return times by your own preferences, fuel, insurance

1-4 person = 280 €
4-8 person = 330 €

PRICE INCLUDES: Private transfer with air conditioned vehicle, hotel pick up and drop off, departure and return times by your own preferences, fuel, insurance