Dioclesian route

How about you enjoy all major sights Split and its surroundings have to offer from the air? If you are not afraid of great experiences this is tour for you!

Our plan for you is to spend 30 minutes flying over city of Sinj, Kliss fortress and city of Split. Join us.

This route starts by taking off from Sinj airport, flying over the city of Sinj and the beautiful field of Sinj. Sinj lies in the heart of Dalmatinska zagora (the Dalmatian Background) in a beautiful landscape of wooded hills. This paradise of water, fields and stone hides some of the most endemic species of flora and fauna in Croatia. Landscapes and underground of the Cetina River are rich with everlasting, sage, heather and thyme. Cetina River is home to brown trout, the rainbow trout, the carp, the pike and ukliva dace. You might even see the Sinj fortress which was historically a very important location.

Then we head to Split. We will be flying over Klis fortress. On the cliffs between Mosor and Kozjak stands the Klis fortress. It was built on an extraordinary strategic location that allowed military control over the Klis valley.  Klis fortress has been beautifully preserved in whole. Because of its importance, Klis was the heart of the medieval Croatian kingdom. Last year was a record year for the fort judging to number of visitors.

After we fly past Klis fortress, opens a mesmerizing panoramic view. You will see the city of Split, with its green oasis Marjan. You will even see island of Brač and island of Šolta. You will see amazing blue seas below!

Split is spectacular from the air! Split is the second biggest city in Croatia and the largest ferry port. It is the cultural and economic centre of the region. Largest green surface in Split, Marjan was declared a Park Forest in 1964. According to archaeological findings, it was inhabited as early as prehistory. Pieces of prehistoric pottery were found here. Also discovered are remnants of temple of Diana – the goddess of hunt. Until the 15th century, Marjan was covered with forest. Due to expansions of settlements, wars and Turkish conquests, arson and clearing, Marjan became a barren wasteland in only two centuries. Reforestation commenced by planting the first pines in 1852. As years passed, forest was renewed and the animals returned. The first sea aquarium was founded on Marjan in 1928.

We will fly over Split and end our flight over the small town Solin. Solin was a capital of Roman providence. However Solin (or Salona) disappeared at the end of middle ages never to be renewed again. In the Middle Ages, town area and land around it was located between three important centers: town of Trogir, city of Split and the Klis fortress. Today it is a town of rich cultural heritage from ancient Salona (forum with temples, amphitheatre and graveyards with Salonitan martyrs) to Middle age, time of queen Jelena and Trpimirović dynasty, coronation of Zvonimir as King of Dalmatia and Croatia. Located by river Jadro, Solin today is and youngest town in Croatia. It has been visited by Pope John Paul II in 1998.

Then we head to western side of Split where you can see some magnificent beaches of Split. Popular sandy beaches, pebbled beaches, rocky places, all can be found in Split. Explore by yourself, to find a place that will suits you the best.

Finally, we will head back towards the airport. This is one of a kind tour and you will see everything you have to see in only 30 minutes. Enjoy in this amazing experience and we are sure you will be interested in repeating soon!

Duration of flight: 30 minutes • Flight price: 70€/person • Minimum 3 persons

OUR PRICE: 70 € / per person

Minimum 3 persons

This route starts by taking off from Sinj airport, flying over the city of Sinj and the beautiful field of Sinj, heading toward Split. After ten minutes we are flying over the 15 centuries old Klis fortress, where a mesmerizing panoramic view is opened to the city of Split, islands Brač and Šolta, and beautiful Marjan forest.

The flight continues along the souther city coast, and after turning over Marjan, it opens a full panoramic view on the city. The flight ends with flying over the small town Solin, when we head back towards the airport.

Duration of flight: 30 minutes • Flight price: 70€/person • Minimum 3 persons

70 € / per person

Minimum 3 persons