Day boat tour to Bol


Departure: Every day at 8:30
Meeting point: Tourist Office at Obala kneza Domagoja 1, Split

Price: 36€


Departure: Every day at 8:30
Departure from Bol: 18:30
Arrival to Split: 19:30
Day Boat tour to Bol is a perfect idea to fulfill your stay in Split. It is the highest Croatian island, with one of the most popular beaches in the world! Take a day off, book your seat in a speedboat and discover all of this charming fisherman’s village.  We will arrange a transfer, and you are the boss of the Boat tour to Bol itinerary.
Story of Bol

Brač is famous for two things: it’s radiant white stone, from which Diocletian’s Palace in Split and the White House in Washington, DC (oh, yes!) are made, and Zlatni Rat, the long pebbly beach at Bol.

Sand and pebble beaches in Bol (of which is the most beautiful and popular Zlatni Rat (in English Golden Horn) stretch in the total length of some 15 km. A place to be, to walk, to ride a bike, to hike, to swim, to do whatever your heart wants!

All in all, Bol is so close to Split so it would be too pity not to visit it during your stay. In addition, it is a place popular for adventure watersports. Due to the all-day-long wind, on the spot, you can rent a boat, kite, have windsurfing lessons in a couple of a bike and explore all beaches, or just sit in some shadow and enjoy your cold drink. This one-day boat tour to Bol can be the best decision of this summer!

One day boat tour to Bol

Day boat tour to Bol exists because of the beach “Zlatni rat”. On Zlatni rat beach, you can rent paddle boats with slides or kayaks for exploring the coastline. There are two restaurants just a few steps from the beach, where you can enjoy local specialties under the natural shade, and several stands where you can buy fresh fruit, smoothies, pancakes, etc.

The beach is situated less than 2 km from the town of Bol, connected with a lovely promenade under the pine trees shade. You will need around 20-30 minutes. There is a taxi boat as well, from the port to Golden horn. Not expensive.

This fascinating 500 meters long pebble beach has a unique shape, like a small peninsula that stretches into the sea. Finally, it has almost 900 meters of beach sea line on both sides. And to be clear – this is not a sandy beach!

The curiosity is that it changes its shape and position depending on the wind, and the current. So sometimes the tip rotates on the left and sometimes on the right side. During winter, when strong winds blow, the tip of the beach turns a lot, that it forms a small pool. Since the wind blows every afternoon, one side of the beach always has calm water and offers perfect conditions for families with small children. The other side is reserved for adventures!

And there is more: this beach is constantly growing! The latest data shows that from 2006 until this year, Zlatni rat beach grew in length by roughly 80 meters. Life of nature!

day boat tour to bol
Wild but lovely beaches of Bol

When we talk about the historical face of Bol, we recommend taking a short walk around the little port.  Churches, old villas, and historical stories of the walls speak about the hard history of the island.

Up the stairs go to the green market and buy some souvenirs – taste olive oil or dry figs in honey. And then, just sit and relax by the sea– feel the true Mediterranean spirit on your day of in BOL! But before you go… wines!

day boat tour to bol
A true Spirit od Mediterranean

In the center of the village, opposite the gas station, you can find a great vinery „Stina“ with cellars old as the village. Therefore, a day boat tour to Bol can’t be completed without the wines!

Just enter, smile at the host, and taste some of the most precious dalmatian wines – Plavac, Pošip, and others. Don’t skip liqueurs!


And more!

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36€ / person

Departure: Every day at 8:30
Departure from Bol: 18:30
Arrival to Split: 19:30

Meeting point: Tourist Office at Obala kneza Domagoja 1, Split


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