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Cruises from Split – the luxury you deserve!

Cruises from Split have been the most popular way of vacationing in recent years. Split is the second-largest city in Croatia, situated in the heart of Dalmatia. Dalmatian region is a warm and pleasant spot, popular for its nice climate and Mediterranean culture.

The town itself is 17 centuries old, with the Roman emperor Diocletian’s palace in the core of today’s town. Diocletian’s Palace and the entire historical core of Split have been on the World Heritage UNESCO list since 1979, not only for the extraordinary preservation of the Palace but also because the Palace and its city continue to live a full life.

Privileged by its location, Split is an important transportation hub – easily reached by sea, road, rail, and air.

Therefore, more than 50% of Croatian cruises start from Split. During all these years, listening to the market and trying to find always something different to offer to the guests, we finally have a great list of cruises from Split.

There are more than just regular cruises from Split – one day, two, three, or a maximum of 8 days and nights.

Our partners are renowned shipowners who are known in the business as professionals. The boats are luxurious and equipped with everything a modern guest needs during navigation. But still with a dose of romance and adventure. Because cruising is nothing but that – one big adventure that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Be sure you will be safe. Amazed. That you will wonder how you have not done this before.

Cruises from Split offer a package to Dubrovnik, one way or rotational. You can book a cruise to Zadar or even Montenegro. For special guests and requirements, there is a Gay or Swinger Cruise.

We are especially proud to offer the rental of the entire ship for cruises of the highest luxury.

Check out our offer, read our blogs, and find the best one for you. Also, if you want a recommendation or a more detailed explanation of the route, we are here for all your questions!