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Cruises from Dubrovnik – a true dream vacation!

A cruise from Dubrovnik is a great idea for closing your vacation. Or for opening.  It is said that you must not leave Croatia unless you visit Dubrovnik. We agree, but we will add – you must not leave even if you have not sailed the beautiful Adriatic Sea. And what better way to experience that is than to book a cabin on a luxury ship?

Meet Dubrovnik – A city of red-tiled rooftops, pine- and cypress-shaded hills, and sparkling turquoise waters, the Old Town of Dubrovnik stuns with both its architecture and scenery. Its surrounding stone walls, built between the 11th and 13th centuries to protect the city from war and epidemics, stretch for a full 1.3 miles, comprising an immense system of forts, bastions, and walkways that offer breathtaking views.

The Old Town’s main street of Stradun, known locally as Placa, is also worth exploring. It’s especially nice in the late afternoon when the sun shines off the historic buildings and swallows soar in the blue sky above.

As you sail towards Split on a luxury cruise from Dubrovnik, you’ll be able to stop at some of the most enchanting isles in the country. In our offer, you can find different cruises from Dubrovnik. Given the duration and route, we tried to satisfy as many different tastes as possible.

Therefore, there are one or more days cruise, thematical cruises, more or less deluxe cruises…

But one thing is always the same – top service, crew, and equipment of ships.
Our shipping partners guarantee the safety and privacy of every guest. Onboard you are kings and queens and they are your guides on the beautiful Adriatic.

Find the cruise that suits you the best and book it now! Then, start dreaming about the best summer in your life! Because it just became real!