Blue-Red route

This route begins with a start from the field of Sinj, a town in Dalmatian hinterlands, the area known as Cetinska krajina. This is an area that attracts more visitors each year, primarily thanks to the traditional Tilters Tournament of Sinj (Sinjska alka). Sinjska alka takes place every year on the first Sunday in August in remembrance to the victory over the Turkish army in 1715. The flight starts by flying over Sinj and continues along the Cetina River. The source of the river is a karst spring. Cetina has its source in the northwestern slopes of Dinara, in a small village called Cetina. The river is mostly calm with stunning landscapes. Nature in this area is beautiful and scenery breathtaking.

We will fly over town of Trilj. This area also has become increasingly popular with tourists. It offers outdoor activities like Cetina River fishing, canoeing and rafting, horseback riding, cycling and hiking.

We will turn to Imotski flying over the karstic landscapes that in a few minutes turn into a fertile valley bounded by the rocky plateaus. Imotski is a town situated on the northern side of Biokovo massif in Dalmatia hinterlands. It is nice little town to visit. Town hides two pearls of nature. There are two lakes near Imotski – Blue Lake and Red Lake. They have such names because one is surrounded with blue, and the other one with red rocks. Red lake looks like an eye in the scenery. Both lakes are connected with underground channels to the Adriatic Sea. Blue and red lakes are unique views to see. They are not top attraction only because they are far away from tourist routes in Croatia. If you might have an extra day it would be a good idea to go there on an overcast day in the summer. You might want to walk down and have a swim. You can walk up a steep hill to get to some caves. There are lookout points here and there and you can get some great photos here. There is a castle at the top of the rock. On a hot sunny day, it is the perfect place to go for a swim. The nature could hardly be any better.

After we fly over the lakes, we continue towards town of Omiš. Omiš is situated at Canyon of Cetina River. Omiš is widely known for its glorious pirate history. Reminder of the times when pirates used to control Omiš stands proudly over the town – it is the fortress of Mirabela. Pirates of Omiš used fortress as a lookout so that merchant ships couldn’t stay unnoticed when sailing along the coastline.

Our flight continues along the coastline towards the Split suburbs. The west coast of Split is the extension of Split’s Riva to the west. This is the place with a magnificent view of Split and luxury yachts. Bronze memorial plaques of Olympic medal winners are placed at one section of this promenade by the sea; in chronological order. This looks even better from the air.

Next, we turn towards the Klis fortress. This is a medieval fortress which served as a major source of defense in Dalmatia, especially in middle ages. The fortress is one of the most outstanding fortresses in Croatia and it is beautifully preserved. It’s a fun place to visit if you have time, you can easily spend a few hours walking around the fortress.

Finally we return to town of Sinj. You will probably see Fortress of Sinj which offers one of the nicest views in the area. You can see all of Cetina River and surrounding villages.

If you are interested in visiting Dalmatian hinterlands this is the best way to give you some preview what you may expect!

Duration of flight: 1 hour • Flight price: 125€/person • Minimum 3 persons

OUR PRICE 125 € / per person

Minimum 3 persons

125 € / per person

Minimum 3 persons