Blue Lagoon & Solta Private Tour

Do you want someone to take you to the best place for swimming and snorkeling? Do you want to enjoy in most beautiful beaches without a care in a world while someone else thinks about driving, parking and finding the perfect place? Well, this is a tour for you! Spend a memorable day on the Adriatic Sea!

Blue lagoon

In the morning our professional driver will pick you up at your accommodation. Soon after we will embark our boat and leave Split behind. Our first stop is Blue Lagoon. This is an excellent place for adults and children, great for swimming and snorkeling. Warm and calm water covers sandy beaches on which you can relax and enjoy while children can play.  Be very observant since this area is known for dolphins, so keep your camera ready. Place is very instagrammable as some would say, so take many pictures. We will spend here a few hours, so enjoy. No need to hurry. You will see that water is beautiful and experience is very relaxing.

Island of Šolta

Our next stop is island of Šolta. It is one of islands that still have not been discovered by many visitors and tourists. Its untouched nature will sweep you off your feet. Island of Šolta is also one of the archaeological finds since the first records are from 4th century BC. Many remnants are found around island. This small island is sometimes considered to be suburb of city of Split since it is only one hour away by boat. In Šolta there are several settlements, but you can explore so much more.

You can start with beaches on southern part of the island. Most beaches are pebbly, but we know locations of sandy beaches too. It like we said earlier, island of Šolta still waits to be discovered and therefore its beaches are well preserved. Some bays are more indented, some less, but they are perfect for single day excursions. Enjoy swimming, snorkeling or diving.

Some of them are as follows. Indented bay in the immediate vicinity of Maslinica is Šešula Bay. It is a true nautical treasure and one of the most favorite bays on island of Šolta. Are you in a Robinson Crusoe mood?  Poganica Bay is located south-west of Šešula and it has gravel beach surrounded by intact nature and aromatic herbs. Romantic, turquoise bay with only a few small stone houses is called Zaglav Bay. Enjoy the peace and quiet while bathing in the crystal clear sea at Senjska Bay. Another interesting thing is that you can find a number of hidden coves alongside the entire southern side.

We are sure that you will be interested to take with you a handful of tasty souvenirs. Locals across the island make tasty liqueurs and jams from island plants and fruit, which you can take home and enjoy the island flavors long after the summer has ended.

Crystal clear sea, numerous beaches wait for you in island of Šolta. On the island of Šolta no one will bother you and you will not have to sunbathe, swim and snorkel on crowded beaches. Here it is all yours! Remember that island of Šolta is beautiful island because it has few tourists (in comparison to Split and Dubrovnik and hospitality of people who really take pride in their island and craft.

At late afternoon we will get back on board. We will head to city of Split and arrive one hour after we have started from island of Šolta. After we disembark, our driver will take you back to your accommodation or at your preferred place. We hope you enjoyed our tour and that you enjoy evening in front of you.

We hope you have had an amazing day filled with memories and that you will join us again!

OUR PRICE 280 € / boat

OUR PRICE INCLUDES: Private boat with private skipper, hotel pick up and drop off, departure and return times by your own preferences, fuel and insurance.

280 € / boat

PRICE INCLUDES: Private boat with private skipper, hotel pick up and drop off, departure and return times by your own preferences, fuel, insurance