Alkar route

In our Alkar route you will fly over the medieval knight’s town of Sinj, Peruča Lake, river Cetina and town of Trilj.

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We will depart from Sinj Airport and flyover the medieval knight’s town of the same name. Town of Sinj Cetinska Krajina Region lie in part of Croatia called Dalmatinska zagora in a beautiful landscape of wooded hills, Sinjsko polje (Sinj Field) and the river Cetina. Sinj is surrounded by the slopes of the mountains of Svilaja, Dinara and Kamešnica, it is ideal for those tourists who want an active holiday. During the summer months, people usually find refreshment in the Cetina River.

Sinj is famous for Sinj knights or alkars.  People of Cetinska krajina still celebrate the majestic victory over the Ottomans in 1715. Celebrations are held on the eve of the Feast of the Assumption by holding the famous tournament “Sinjska alka”.

We will fly over Sinj and follow river Cetina. The longest river in Central Dalmatia (length of 101 km) flows into Adriatic Sea. It has eight sources among which the largest one is the Glavaševo Lake.  Water power of Cetina has been harnessed by the Peruča Lake reservoir, located 25 kilometers downstream from the River source. It is the second largest artificial lake in Croatia. Peruča Lake was the first large reservoir created in karst and the first remote reservoir in the Cetina Hydropower System. Building it on Cetina River and creating the lake, it secured a greater energy supply for Dalmatia. It was heavily damaged during the Croatian War of Independence. Towns and villages in Cetina valley (from Sinj to Omiš) were in danger of being flooded by water from Peruča Lake. Zjere is an interesting fact about Peruča Lake. So called monster of Peruča Lake is a snake which grows more than three meters in length. It appears rarely on the lake. However every now and then someone says that it exists. It is the biggest European snake.

After we fly over Peruča Lake our flight continues along the river Cetina to the town of Trilj. Town of Trilj lies on river Cetina and is located in inland Dalmatia. Around Trilj there are many findings dating way back to Mesolithic. The first recorded group that inhabited this area was one of the Illyrian tribes called Delmati. They fought fiercely against the Romans for decades but finally lost. However, Romans built the legionary fortress Tilurium on the hill above Trilj which we will see while flying over. In short, at the top of the hill of Gardun, remains of a legionary fortress at Tilurium can be found. Tilurium guarded the entrance to the Cetina valley from the south and the approach to the provincial capital at Salona.

While flying around, we will see Čačvina Castle. This castle is a fortification that guarded approach from Bosnia during the Ottoman wars. It is situated in a strategic location enabling its crew to oversee traffic of goods through the mountain passage that leads to Bosnia.

At the entrance of the Cetina River canyon Nutjak fortification is situated. It was built in the 15th century to protect land west of Cetina River from Ottoman.

Cetina Valley offers great opportunities for outdoor activities. Surrounding is dominated by Cetina River and by mountains of Dinaric Alps.  Some of the activities include Cetina river fishing, rafting, canyoning, canoeing horseback riding, cycling and hiking.

Finally we will turn around the Sinj field and back to the airport.

Thank you for joining us on our Alkar route tour!



This route begins with the departure from the Sinj Airport and flyover the medieval knight’s town of the same name. Follow the flight to the Peruca lake, after which our flight continues along the river Cetina to the town of Trilj and we turn around the Sinj field back to the airport.

Duration of flight: 20 minutes • Flight price: 50€/person • Minimum for 3 persons

50 € / per person

Minimum for 3 persons