Adriatic cruise from Poreč – sailing trip Croatia

The Republic of Croatia is one of the most beautiful summer destinations in the Mediterranean, which competes with Greece year after year when it comes to tourist numbers but also as a choice for summer holidays. Croatia has a lot to offer its visitors, which is why it is one of the best destinations in Europe and also one of the most famous and visited tourist destinations in the Mediterranean. Croatia is rich in natural beauty and cultural and historical heritage, several of which are under UNESCO protection, and it is also enriched with a wide tourist offer, as well as the crystal clear Adriatic Sea, which is ideal for a croatia boat tour.

If you want to travel somewhere during the summer months, and if you are interested in sailing and exploring coastal cities and islands, Croatia is the ideal destination for you. Croatia has a beautiful indented coast with more than a thousand islands, and it benefits from the ideal Mediterranean climate with warm summers and mild and short winters. Croatia is also interesting because of the already mentioned natural and cultural-historical heritage, as well as the specific Croatian cuisine that will delight every visitor. In our sailing offer we offer a sailing trip with our Stella Maris K230 boat from Porec to Dubrovnik, which includes a visit to Rovinj, the Brijuni National Park, Pula, Mali Losinj, Zadar, Krka National Park, Split, Hvar, Korcula and Mljet National Park.


Poreč is one of the most beautiful Croatian coastal cities, and has the title of the metropolis of Croatian tourism since the 1970s. Poreč is enriched with a rich catering and tourist offer, cultural and historical heritage and well-kept and clean horticulture, which is the basis for further development of each tourist destination. Porec is a tourist town that in every sense deserves the title of Croatian tourist metropolis. The historic center of the city is more than 2000 years old, and the most significant monument is the Euphrasian Basilica, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Throughout history, Poreč has been heavily influenced by the Roman Empire, which every visitor will feel and see because of the remains of temples and buildings.


Rovinj is one of the most picturesque Mediterranean cities located on the western coast of Istria. Together with Poreč, it represents the strongest tourist center in Istria, but also one of the most attractive tourist cities in Croatia. Rovinj will offer you exceptional cultural and historical heritage, as well as specific Istrian gastronomy along with customs and traditions. Rovinj is rich in cultural and historical monuments because the very heart of the city developed in the 3rd century, and the city itself is a peninsula whose first archeological traces date back to the Bronze Age.

Brijuni National Park

Brijuni are located a few kilometers west of the Istrian coast, representing a set of islands that include the islands of Veliki Brijun, Mali Brijun, Sveti Marko, Gaz, Okrugljak, Supa, Supinic, Galija, Grunj, Vanga, Madonna, Vrsar, Kozada and St. Jerolim. Brijuni have a rich history that goes back to the third millennium BC. Due to its rich history and diverse flora and fauna, Brijuni was proclaimed a national park in 1983 and became a favorite tourist destination for many tourists.


Pula is the largest city of Istria and is located in the southwestern area of the Istrian peninsula. Pula is one of the most interesting tourist towns in Istria due to its long tradition of fishing, winemaking, shipbuilding and tourism. The history of the city goes back to the Roman times, when the Arena of Pula was built, one of the most important cultural and historical landmarks of the city. In addition to cultural and historical sights, Pula also contains the natural beauty of the surrounding area, which makes it a popular summer holiday destination.

Mali Lošinj

Mali Losinj is a town located on the south side of the island of Losinj, and is special because of its culture and history, which is more than 4000 years old. Lošinj previously represented one of the leading regional maritime powers, while Mali Lošinj represented the second most important port in the Adriatic. The most famous branch of this town was shipbuilding, and the beginnings of tourism came in the form of health tourism. Due to its specific climate, Lošinj has been declared a climate health resort.


Zadar is the center of Zadar County, and is the fifth largest city in the Republic of Croatia by population. Zadar is also the urban center of North Dalmatia, with its cultural heritage dating back to 3000 years ago. Zadar can offer you a large number of cultural sights, the most famous of which is ” Greetings to the Sun ”. Its tourist offer also includes indigenous gastronomy, modern sports facilities and beautiful surroundings. Zadar also has many events that will give you a fun and interesting summer night.

Krka National Park

The Krka National Park is the seventh national park in the Republic of Croatia and the second national park by the number of visits after Plitvice Lakes. Krka waterfalls are known for their large number of waterfalls and lakes, and forested parts that stretch between. Krka National Park is the most famous national park in the Šibenik-Knin County, and it is named after the river Krka that runs through the park. The park itself is located in central Dalmatia and it includes one of the most preserved and beautiful ecosystems that every visitor will admire.

Split is the largest city in Dalmatia and the second largest in Croatia. This Dalmatian town was made in the Roman period when it was settled by Emperor Diocletian, deciding to make his grand palace to enjoy the last years of his life. This palace today is one of the most preserved sights from the Roman period, and it is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The palace is also one of the most significant tourist attraction in the city. Split is a city that has a rich history behind it, and lures today’s visitors with its specific tradition, but also with its natural beauty and cultural heritage.


Hvar Island is one of the sunniest and hottest European summer destinations and is an extremely popular destination for all tourists who are visiting the Croatian coast. Hvar is special, not only for the crystal clear Adriatic Sea that surrounds it but also for the untouched preserved nature, cultural and historical heritage, specific Mediterranean gastronomy and the largest number of sunny hours a year, which is why it is also called the sunniest Croatian island. Hvar is an island of hedonism, an island of the best restaurants and entertainment. The town of Hvar itself is the center of the island, exuding an island culture and its mystical beauty that includes small stone houses, churches and streets full of restaurants and shops. Hvar also has a large number of beautiful beaches that should not be missed, some of the most famous are Veliki Pokrvenik, Daria Beach, Feronija Beach, Jagodna, Mala Stiniva and others.

Korcula is one of the most famous destinations when it comes to history, gastronomy, culture and a place to rest by the sea. Korcula, the town of Marco Polo, is a fishing stone town that provides every visitor with a wide range of tourist offer that will knock anyone off their feet. The city is ideal for swimming, sightseeing and romantic night walks with wine tasting. You will have plenty of time for sightseeing and enjoying this beautiful island, since you will spend the night there before we leave for Dubrovnik.

Mljet National Park
Mljet National Park is one of the oldest marine parks in the Mediterranean, occupying the northwestern third of the island. It was proclaimed a national park in 1960, and was given the title because of its exceptional cultural and historical heritage dating back to the time of the Illyrian tribes, but also the natural beauty that will leave you breathless. The night will be spent on Mljet, and the next day you will head to the sunniest island in Croatia, the island of Hvar.

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