2 days private motor yacht all-inclusive tour

All-inclusive tour is tailored to make you feel happy and relaxed. Sailing on a beautiful luxury sailing boat will make your body, mind and heart sit back and relax. Enjoy sailing, swimming and relaxing on the sun deck while we sail through the most beautiful spots of Croatia.

Tour begins in Split

Our tour starts in Split. If you are staying in or around Split, you probably got the idea how beautiful city and its surroundings are. Citizens of Split have a saying “There is no place like Split” and it is most definitely true. Split is the biggest city in Dalmatia and economic center of the region.

Split is already 17 centuries old. Everything started with Roman Emperor Diocletian who decided to build Diocletian’s Palace near the great Roman city Salona, where he wanted to spend the last years of his life. During these 1700 years city developed, but Diocletian Palace remained heart of the city. It has been included in World Heritage UNESCO list ever since 1979. Split is a great example of well-preserved witness of passage of time from ancient architecture (Peristyle), the middle age (Romanesque Church and Gothic Palace), Renaissance portals (noblemen’s houses), facades from Baroque and modern architecture.

You have probably noticed local inhabitants who sit cafes and restaurants at the seafront enjoy in city and weather. Join them and you will become a part of the city and its rhythm. Mediterranean spirit lives in this city to the fullest.

We will board our motor yacht early in the morning and start towards island of Šolta at 9 am

Practically suburb of Split, island of Šolta is located only nine nautical miles from Split. Legend says that this small island name in Greek means „immature fig“. In the past, Šolta was an island of fishermen, but also of land workers and olive/wine growers. Today, main income source is tourism.

We will explore picturesque port of island Šolta, do some sightseeing or if you prefer, just stay on to the beach. Beaches in island of Šolta are a true gem and a must-see! These turquoise oases are ideal for single day excursions, exploration adventures, bathing, swimming, snorkeling or fishing.

Island of Hvar, do we need to say more?

As we dock in town of Hvar, we will let you get acquainted with the town by yourselves – explore its Mediterranean attractions and hospitality of the locals, rich historical and cultural heritage and trendy present. Thanks to all of this, Hvar is one of the most popular summer destinations for many of the international jet set and celebrities. Top sights in Hvar Town include; Dubovica, beach in Hvar Town; Fortress Fortica; St. Stephen’s Square; historic building Arsenal and Franciscan Monastery. Since we are going to be in Hvar for only three hours, we recommend you Google each sight, but visit only one. If you decide for Fortica fortress, you will find out this is a place with a decent history. If you are tired from the walk up to fortress there is a nice little café. Great view of the sea, the entire town of Hvar and our next destination – Pakleni Islands make well worth walking up to the fortress.

Off to Pakleni Islands

Around 10:00 we will embark on a relaxing 20 minute boat trip from Hvar and head to Pakleni Islands, Palmižana. Since it will be around lunchtime, you can choose one of many famous delicious restaurants that offer top quality and fresh sea food, excellent service and unique ambience.

After lunch, a free time for swimming! This little piece of heaven offers nothing but crystal clear water and bays surrounded with pine forest. You will see that it is absolute bliss to spend a day lounging around on Palmižana beach. If you are more for a challenge, there are many trails to explore the beautiful botanical gardens on the island and it is very easy to walk from one side to the other of the island.  Wherever you may turn, you will find excellent place for swimming and sunbathing.

You will conclude that this is a great end to a great day!

Return to Split

After enjoying all day on a boat trip to the sunniest island in Croatia, it will be a lovely sail back to our main port. In 45 minutes we will be back to Split. You will have all evening in front of you so be sure that you visit most important sights in Split or act like locals do. Just stroll down Split’s Riva and have a drink in one of many cafes.

ALL INCLUSIVE: 4.000 eur (up to 8 person)

Price includes private motor yacht charter, professional skipper, fuel, marina taxes, wine, beer, soft drinks, water, snorkeling equipment, bed linen, towels, final cleaning and insurance.

ALL INCLUSIVE: 4.000 eur (up to 8 person)

Price includes private motor yacht charter, professional skipper, fuel, marina taxes, wine, beer, soft drinks, water, snorkeling equipment, bed linen, towels, final cleaning and insurance.