Find out more about city of Split and join us on our Hop On-Hop Off bus tours! Our three (BLUE, RED & GREEN) sightseeing routes will take to almost every landmark in city of Split!

If you have used Hop On-Hop Off bus somewhere else in the world you know that it gives you a great overview of a city. These are very useful if you are here only for a couple of days. Navigating your way around a new city can be frustrating since not everyone is confident using the local bus system or able to walk long distances. Taking a Hop On Hop Off bus tour leaves navigation to someone else while you get to sit back and enjoy the sights.

With our offer you can swap between the three different routes throughout the day, giving you a comprehensive coverage of city of Split and its surroundings.

*includes free walking tour of Split

Split is a city of rich and turbulent history, a city of culture and sports. Cultural-historical monuments, palaces and churches are an integral part of contemporary Split. The best way to experience Split is our open-top sightseeing bus. RED LINE starts from the The Coast of the Croatian National Revival or more simply put Riva (Promenade). It has been the heart of the city throughout centuries. Place of first romantic walks, conversations, shy glances… Rendezvous point of citizens of Split and tourists. Panoramic drive towards Bačvice, the most famous beach of Split, mere minutes ride from Riva. Next is ports facilities built for the Mediterranean Games (Sport centre Gripe with big (6000 spectators) and small hall (3500 spectators) and museums (Maritime, Archaeological, Mestrovic Gallery).

The drive continues along green oasis of Split, Marjan hill. Marjan is covered in Mediterranean pine forest and declared a Park Forest in 1964. From the slopes of Marjan you can enjoy amazing view or the islands in front of Split. RED LINE tour finishes in the city centre (Promenade).

Bus tour stops

  • Promenade
  • Bacvice- sandy beach
  • Sport Centre Gripe & Maritime Museum
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Football Stadium “Poljud”
  • Mestrovic Gallery
  • Bene Beach
  • Zvončac and Sustipan (old cemetery)
  • Francis church and monastery

Bus tour departures: 09:45, 11:00, 12:15, 13:30*, 14:45, 16:00 & 17:00**

*except during July&August/ **only during July&August

BLUE LINE tour departs from Split at 9:15 and we head to Salona. Until now you might have found out that great Roman Emperor Diocletian who built Diocletian’s Palace was born in Salona. Well, remains of that ancient Roman city are one of the richest archaeological sites in Croatia. It was a very large Roman settlement. At Salona, the amphitheater, the basilica and the old town are completely open to the public. You can walk all over them and this really adds to the experience.

Our next stop is Trogir. Trogir is a medieval town on a small island just off the Croatian mainland, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its narrow streets and medieval architecture make it a great place to walk around or walk over a short bridge to visit the adjacent island of Čiovo. Join us on our free walking tour of Trogir and  you will discover all landmarks: The St. Lawrence Cathedral and Bell Tower, Waterfront Promenade, Palace Cipiko…

Our last stop is Klis Fortress. Fortress had great strategic importance when Ottoman invasions of Europe took place. Today, Klis Fortress is visited by many tourists who recognize it as filming location of TV series –  Game of Thrones. While walking around, you not miss to enjoy a view of Split and islands in front.

Bus tour stops

  • 09:15                 Departure from Split
  • 09:45- 10:30 Salona
  • 11:00 – 12:45 Trogir
  • 13:30 – 14:15 Klis
  • 15:00                 Split


Have you heard about peaceful and relaxing Dalmatia’s hinterland? Join us on GREEN LINE and see the most important sites.

Our first stop is Stella Croatica. It is a family owned company which produces ecological handmade products, for which they use local ingredients and each one of those products is manufactured by local women working at facility. You will find out more about Dalmatian cultural heritage and taste Dalmatian history through homemade delicacies and maybe bring some home.

Klis Fortress is next stop on GREEN LINE. Fortress was very important at the time of the Ottoman invasions. Thanks to its position, it guarded the frontier for years. Today, fans of TV series Game of Thrones are regular visitors to the place since it was a filming location for fictional city of Meereen.

Our last stop before we return to Split is Vranjača Cave. It is located on the northwestern side of the base of the Mosor Mountains. It is the most beautiful cave in central Dalmatia. It is rich in cave ornaments (large stalactites and stalagmites), it was discovered in 1930s and it has been kept open by same family. Temperature of the cave is 15C throughout the year and visitors can go as deep as 85 meters.  

Bus tour stops

  • 11:45                 Departure from Split
  • 12:15- 13:00 Stella Croatica
  • 13:15 – 14:15 Klis
  • 14:45 – 16:00 Vranjača Cave
  • 16:45                 Split

OUR PRICE INCLUDES: Red & Blue line/Green line, walking tour in Split and walking tour in Trogir.